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crochet pictures1 500x375 Crochet Jobs, Ads and Goals in Kathryns Crochet CornerMy sister and I tired after a long day at the Los Angeles Zoo. I made the crochet cowl I’m wearing during my trip down there. More details on it soon!


Welcome to the first Kathryn’s Crochet Corner of 2012. Jestem Mecz rozpocznie nowy rok z dużą ilością planów, projekty i cele. Mam też kilka nowych funkcji, debiutując na blogu, więc jest dużo do pokrycia w dzisiejszym rogu szydełku. Chodźmy do niego.

2012 Projekty szydełka

crochet projects 300x224 Crochet Jobs, Ads and Goals in Kathryns Crochet Corner

I’ve got several year-long projects that are now starting up. The big ones are:

  • 365 Sposoby Wear Crochet. I’ll try to wear a crochet item as part of my outfit every single day this year and will be sharing that with you in daily afternoon fashion posts.
  • 12 w '12. This is a project to donate charity crochet items on a monthly basis. I’ll be setting it up as a project that others can join in on with regular linky updates here on the blog. Learn more in a few hours from the official blog post.
  • Przezwyciężenie Stash. Dołączam się na pokonanie Stash w tym roku, który jest obsługiwany przez Revelations Knitter urojeniowe.
Oczywiście, Mam jeszcze kilka innych moich projektów trwających jak mój wpiętych projektu i moim udziałem w projektach Rok. You can find out about all of my projects on the new Projects Page of this blog.

Praca szydełka

crochet jobs 300x208 Crochet Jobs, Ads and Goals in Kathryns Crochet Corner

Throughout last year I kept thinking that it would be great if there was one place that I could go to look for crochet-related jobs and calls for submission. At some point, I finally thought, “Kathryn, you should just make that space”. One of my big goals for Crochet Concupiscence in 2012 is to be a place where people can come to easily find information on paid and unpaid, one-time and ongoing miejsc pracy szydełka as well as the latest calls for submission for crochet writers and designers. Oczywiście, the format for this may need to be adapted as time goes on but right now here’s what it means:

  • Every weekday I’ll post a curated list of links to crochet jobs around the web.
  • Every Tuesday I’ll do a roundup of the latest crochet calls for submission that I’ve found.
  • Anyone who has a crochet job available can post it on the giełda pracy (the current rate as of the date of this post is $15 for a 30-day ad) and those jobs will also be featured as regular home page posts here on the blog for people to see.
Bear with me as this gets started. Initially I don’t expect to find a lot of job links but it should grow as more and more people become aware that this is a place to come to share crochet job information. And keep me in mind if you ever need to hire someone for technical editing, motif joining, crochet blog guest posts etc. More information can be found on the main Crochet Jobs Page.

Advertise on Crochet Concupiscence

First quarter advertising and sponsorship opportunities for the site have now been posted. Did you know that you can get a sidebar ad on this blog for the full quarter for just $40? It reaches numerous people focused entirely on crochet.

I hope your New Year has started off great. Any big crochet goals you want to share?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Crochet Jobs, Ads and Goals in Kathryns Crochet Corner
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