Day 15 Crochet Giveaway: Pattern and Shawl

giveaway 300x110 Day 15 Crochet Giveaway: Pattern and Shawl

If you’ve been following along on 31 Days of Crochet Giveaways then you know that I’ve already given away two terrific crochet patterns from Anastacia Knits. This generous crocheter has offered another pattern for giveaway. I’ve supplemented this giveaway with a shawl that I crocheted using the pattern.

About the Prize

crochet shawl1 Day 15 Crochet Giveaway: Pattern and Shawl

The first part of the prize is the free crochet pattern of the Shells & Chains Half Circle Shawl by Anastacia Knits. This is a really easy-to-make shawl where the finished product looks more complex than the actual crochet required, making a great item to gift for yourself or someone else. It is made using a top down seamless crochet design and it can be easily adapted to suit different yarns, hooks and finished measurements.

crochet shawl2 Day 15 Crochet Giveaway: Pattern and Shawl

The second part of the prize is the actual crochet shawl. I made this one following the pattern that you’ll receive if you win the giveaway. I used a beautiful goldenrod colored acrylic yarn for my version of the shawl. Note that it’s the golden shawl pictured here that you’re getting, not the blue one; the blue one reflects the original from Anastacia’s pattern.

Crochet Pattern Review

Having worked the pattern in order to offer the giveaway, I’m able to offer my review. This is a well-written pattern with accurate stitch counts at the end of all rows that have increases. This makes it really easy to make sure that you’re on track as you work. Here are some of the other standout features of this crochet pattern:

  • A simple repeatable pattern with increases periodically, offering a great opportunity for meditative crochet.
  • A half circle pattern that grows exponentially larger as you work it. I like this because it makes me feel like I am really getting somewhere as the pattern progresses.
  • Adaptability in terms of lending itself well to yarn substitutions and hook changes. I used a completely different yarn and a slightly larger hook than the pattern calls for and had no problems at all.
I will note that I made one adaptation to the pattern out of personal preference. The very top row that forms as you work felt a little bit unfinished to me. When I was done with the pattern, I simply did a row of half double crochet into that top row for what felt to me like a more finished look. There’s nothing wrong with the pattern as is, just something that I wanted for my own piece.

How to Enter

a Rafflecopter giveaway


This giveaway is only open until midnight EST tonight. The winner will be announced tomorrow on Twitter and Google Plus as well as in a roundup post of winners on Sunday.


pinit fg en rect gray 28 Day 15 Crochet Giveaway: Pattern and Shawl

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