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One of the holiday gifts I’m giving this year is the “Nagroda niesamowite szydełka blog”. It’s my gift to the many terrific crochet bloggers out there and hopefully a gift to my readers in helping them find great new blogs to read. Oto jak to działa:

I’m giving out one award each day in December to a special crochet blog and letting you know exactly what unique thing they’ve won it for. Na przykład, someone’s going to be getting an award forbest vintage crochet findsand someone else is getting an award for “najlepiej colorwork”.

The awards are totally made up by me and I’ve selected the winners based on my own personal opinions. Uwierz mi, some of these were tough decisions to make because there are a lot of super great bloggers out there and I wanted to honor everyone. Alas, not everyone can be honored, so I’ve narrowed down my choices. To help maintain variety, I made sure that each person only won something once (so there will be least 31 different winners, one for each day of the month). Each day’s winner will be announced on the blog as the last evening post of the day.

Some notes:

  • Winners don’t get anything special other than recognition here on the blog and the chance to snag an award button to display on their blogs if they so desire. I’m just gifting you with an award because I want to spread the word about why your crochet blog is so awesome.
  • This isn’t the “Podaj dalej” style award where the winners now have to pick someone to give an award to. It’s a blog award just for the winners. Że wspomniana, anyone who likes this idea and wants to do a similar project or individual post is totally welcome to do so but I’d appreciate a link back so people know where you got the idea.
  • If you don’t win this year, it doesn’t mean I don’t love your crochet blog. I więcej niż 200 crochet and craft blogs on a regular basis and when I made my initial list of off-the-top-of-my-head favorites that I wanted to include, the list had more than 50 crochet blogs on it. I made some tough cuts and there were some people I actually kind of felt guilty not including. So just bear in mind that there’s a good chance I love your blog even if I didn’t give you an award gift this year.

Anyone interested in sharing news about these awards is welcome to snag the image in this post and share it on their blog but please link back to this post.

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