Evolution of a Crochet Hexagon Laptop Cozy (YOP)

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If you’ve been following my crochet year of projects the past few weeks then you know that I got a little hung up on the next crochet bag pattern on my list: Phazelia’s Laptop Cozy. It’s now evolved into two other bags and is (mostly) complete.

Phazelia’s Laptop Case

colorful crochet cozy Evolution of a Crochet Hexagon Laptop Cozy (YOP)

Original design from Phazelia

The pattern that I included on my list to work off of (although it’s more of a tutorial or guide than a pattern, per se) is Phazelia’s Laptop Case, which I found via patterns on Ravelry. The original is made up of more than one dozen colorful hexagons that are stitched together to form a rectangular case. An additional two colored hexis are used with velcro as the case’s closure.

Original Plan: Black and White Crochet Laptop Cozy

I knew that I didn’t want to follow the instructions on this one to the letter. I didn’t want to do so many color changes. And the pattern calls for using crochet thread with a small hook. I opted to change the plan a little bit. My plan was to use an E hook, doing fifteen rounds for each hexagon pattern to get the right size but doing each hexi in a single color. I started with white hexis and was either going to do all white with black stitching or else I was going to do black and white hexis with red stitching.

I learned a few things as I went along:

  • If you don’t like changing color every few rows and you aren’t diligent about counting your rows and stitches then it’s really hard to get hexagons right each time!
  • I don’t like working sc with an E hook for an extended period of time. It’s too tiring on the hands!
  • The cheap black acrylic yarn that I got from the dollar store felt like fiberglass on my hands and had to be set aside. I did replace it with another acrylic black yarn and was able to move forward though.

New Plan: Two Small Crochet Bags

I worked a handful of both black and white hexagons and then I just gave up on making them. I was so sick of making them. I just wasn’t into it. I actually like the hexi shape but I was tired of the monochrome acrylic E hookness of it all. So I decided to take what I had and see what I could make it into to fit in with my goal of making crochet gift bags for the holidays. It didn’t really need to be laptop size after all, just bag shaped.

So here’s what I came up with:

crochet bags Evolution of a Crochet Hexagon Laptop Cozy (YOP)

I made the big bag first and it still needs a little bit of work although it could theoretically be finished the way it is. I want to extend the red red stitching all the around the entire bag for a more finished look, probably in hdc. The stitching together of the hexagons is not perfect but I’m happy with the end result as a gift bag. When the bag is filled in with an item, it looks pretty good.

And I actually really like the little bag. I had two black hexis leftover so I put them back to back, stitched them together with red for some boldness and added the fringe. I haven’t added yarn fringe to anything since the first couple of months that I began crocheting and I forgot how in the right situation it can add some really pretty effects. Here’s a better look at the little bag:

crochet bag1 Evolution of a Crochet Hexagon Laptop Cozy (YOP)

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