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granny My Crochet: Large Granny Blanket

Właśnie zakończył się duży granny kwadratowy koc że pracuję na na chwilę, a ja kocham, jak się okazało,. I was inspired to do it after watching a bunch of crocheters online participate in The Great Granny Challenge over on Le Monde Sucrette’s blog. I didn’t actually participate in the challenge but I guess the idea got into my head because when I went to sit down and make a blanket I’d been wanting to make for awhile, the granny idea seemed natural.

The Large Granny Square

I love the way that granny squares look and I love how easily they work up. However I rarely use them because I’m not a huge fan of frequent color changes or joining motifs. The large granny form solves the motif problem. And I decided not to do a lot of color changes but to work in a few rows of different yarns here and there to create a more interesting pattern than just a single yarn would provide. It was easy to do and terrifically meditative.

Crossed Double Crochet

416f My Crochet: Large Granny Blanket

EEK, I spy a yarn end that needs to be weaved in at the bottom there!

Once I had a square as wide as the width of the blanket that I wanted, I needed to add some rows to either end to turn the square into a rectangle. I decided to use a stitch I lovethe crossed double crochet. I added twenty rows of this stitch to the top and bottom of the crochet blanket, creating a more intriguing all-over design and a rectangular shape.

Yarn Used in this Crochet Blanket

I used the following yarns to complete this blanket, some of which I’ve already reviewed on this blog as I was working with them:

  • Caron Simply Miękkie Farby My Crochet: Large Granny Blanket. This is what the bulk of the blanket is. I needed an affordable yarn but one that was still soft and lovely. Caron Simply Soft is one of the fewcheapyarns that I truly like so I naturally went with that. I wanted to choose a multi-color yarn to make the granny pattern more interesting to the eye so I chose the Paints line of the yarn and went with the Driftwood color.
  • Puro przez Novita. Chciałem kolorowe rundy być wykonane z przędzy hodowcy koc do bardziej luksusowy w dotyku. I chciałem błękity i zielenie, aby przejść z kolorami w przędzy Driftwood. Pierwsza przędza pracowałem w kawałku był zielony przędzy. To Puro przez Novita, która jest 100% wełna islandzki.
  • Paton w Silk Bamboo. The next colored round that I worked in is the beautiful sapphire blue round. That’s Paton’s Silk Bamboo, which is my ultimate favorite yarn. It’s a silk bamboo blend with no other fibers in it so it’s soft and smooth and has a great sheen. W rzeczywistości, I love it so much that I’m making an entire blanket out of it for myself!
  • Sześć Skeins Mediterranean Mood. The last blue round that I did was in this hand-dyed Aran weight British Bluefaced Leicester Yarn, which I purchased online from Six Skeins. I love the brightness that it adds to the square.
  • Patons Czeski. This great yarn is what I used to make the border of the blanket and I absolutely love the effect. It’s a super bulky yarn that adds a nicely defined border all the way around the edge of the piece and ties it all together. Uwielbiam ją.
Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it!
pinit fg en rect gray 28 My Crochet: Large Granny Blanket
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