92-Letnia prawie ślepy Kobieta szydełkowania do Miłosierdzia

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g12c0000000000000004d6500cb4433cadfef72a0c94f561366cf1ded30 92 Year Old Nearly Blind Woman Crochets for Charity Zdjęcie kredytowych: Jason Rossi

I regularly scan the news for articles about crochet. I am constantly drawn to the articles about elderly women who are crocheting for a good cause. There is just something appealing to me about the idea that there are all of these old women out there putting their skills to use to keep themselves busy while continuing to help others even into very old age. Women like Bea White, 92-letnia kobieta, która straciła większość swojego wzroku na zwyrodnienie plamki żółtej, ale nie pozwól, by powstrzymać ją od utrzymania jej haki zamiar szydełku szaty okrążeń dla chorych na raka.

Reporter Keshia Clukey says that White went through a moment of feeling sorry for herself when she first realized that she was losing her eyesight. However she didn’t want to sit around hosting her own pity party so she decided to do something for someone else. Her foggy eyesight limits her activities but she’s able to feel the stitches to do crochet work so she picked up the hook and started working.

Last year White completed a full 1500 volunteer works crocheting for cancer patients. She made more than one hundred lap robes in that time, averaging two lap robes per week. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. Ladies like this are just so inspiring and remind me again and again about both the value and power of crochet!

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