Gorgeous Crochet Print Clothing Collection by Snapdragon Brand

crochet print clothing collection

I was thrilled when I started seeing the photos from Ashley Zhong of Snapdragon Brand on Instagram. Ashley has launched a collection of clothing designs based on crochet prints. Ze zijn kleurrijk, plezier, Funky, whimsical and crafty. Ik hou van hen! In this interview she tells us all about this new brand.

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Crochet Fashion on the Runway, Val 2017

I never get tired of seeing designer crochet hit the runways. I like seeing the way crochet is used in seasonal fashion trends. I like seeing the bits of handwork in what is sometimes mass produced fashion. I love seeing how craft informs fashion and fashion turns around and informs craft. Here are some of the bits of crochet spotted on recent runways for Fall 2017.

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