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Post image for (Updated) 25 Yarn and Crochet Apps – PART ONE

I went on my iPhone and checked out each of the apps to share on this new, bijgewerkte haak app lijst.

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Post image for Tech Crafty: Examples of Crochet QR Codes

Today I thought I’d do a roundup of examples of crochet QR codes spotted around the web. Geniet van!

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Post image for How to Crochet a QR Code That Links to Your Website

There’s a great tutorial online for crocheting your own QR code that can link to your crochet blog, website, Etsy shop, enz.

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Post image for Tips for Printing Out Crochet Patterns or Reading Patterns Online

I don’t use Kindle or anything like that but I do sometimes just read crochet patterns onlinemore often, Hoewel, I tend to print out the patterns and there are pros and cons to that.

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iPhone spel functies haakwerk tekens

door Kathryn op December 18, 2012 · 0 opmerkingen

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Post image for iPhone Game Features Crocheted Characters

Loopy Lost His Lettuce is an iPad app filled with colorful characters that were originally created in crochet

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Post image for Crochet on the Pinterest Alternatives

There are Pinterest alternatives. Do they offer something to crocheters? Neem een kijkje.

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I just saw in the new issue of Inside Crochet that there’s a fairly new crochet app from Interweave called Crochet Handy.

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