Annie’s Summer Love Collection

annies summer crochet collection

Annie’s has always released knit and crochet patterns, offering many great designs over the years, but now they’re doing something a little bit different and it’s super interesting to see. Annie’s is working with leading knit and crochet designers, including lead designer Lena Skvagerson, to create a curated collection of patterns suited specifically for the summer season. It’s about more than just a pattern or even a set of patterns; it’s about evoking a mood or emotion that is relevant to the season of the year, similar to what we see in high fashion.

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Adorable Tiny MicroCrochet Patterns from DoubleTrebleTrinkets

doubletrebletrinkets micro crochet sheep

Over time we’ve looked at some wonderful examples of tiny teeny micro crochet, but it’s rare to see patterns for creating these little works of art. If you want those patterns, you can find some of them created by Uljana Semikrasa of DoubleTrebleTrinkets, who share some free on her site and offers others for sale on Ravelry.

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Crochet Flower Doll Patterns by Zabbez Crochet (Ontwerper Interview)

rose flower crochet doll pattern

Bas de Braver, also known as Zabbez, is a crochet designer who creates really unique flower doll patterns. The dolls are tall and lanky, reminding me a little of the Lalylala dolls and the dolls from Edward’s Menagerie, but they are unique and original in their floral inspiration. Today we’ll learn more about them and the designer from an interview.

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14 Crochet Patterns for Motifs and Appliques

crochet hexi pattern

Crochet motifs can be made individually to use up scraps of yarn. An individual motif works well as an addition to gift wrap or as an appliqué on another crochet item such as a hat or dress. Sets of crochet motifs can be joined together to make larger items like blankets or strung together to make bunting that decorates your home.

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