Charlisa Designs Crochet Mandala + My Depression Picture Book

Charlisa Designs Crochet Mandala

We’re kicking off the February Mandalas for Marinke posts with a pretty floral contribution from Sarah of Charlisa Designs on Etsy where she shares, “I am a fibre artist living on the rural edge of Melbourne, Australië. Ik breien, Haak, spin wool, Naai de, quilt and weave. I also design knitting and crochet patterns.

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Anonymous Crochet Mandala from Australia and The Grey of Depression

anonymous crochet mandalas

Today’s contribution to the Mandalas for Marinke project comes from someone I believe wanted to remain anonymous. Echter, I confess that things have gotten a little disorganized around here since I got rescue pup Katara so if for some reason I’ve made a mistake and you’re the maker and want to claim it, please do let me know.

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Shelley’s Crochet Mandala Rugs

shelley kelsey crochet rug mandalas

Shelley in Ohio has sent in this beautiful package for the Mandalas for Marinke project. It includes four different crochet mandala rugs, which will be set up with the other rugs I’ve received to create a cozy crafting corner at the Mandalas for Marinke art show (which I’ll have more information about in a month or so).

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