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Excerpt of an interview here about how I answered a question related to my love of foreign language crochet blogs.

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Ik ben voort met het delen van een aantal van mijn favoriete haak blogs in vreemde talen. Deze week zal ik deel enkele Duitse haak blogs.

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Here are eight Japanese crochet blogs that I think are fun to glance at now and then because the crochet photos on them are pretty.

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You don’t have to know Latvian to enjoy the creative creations on these Latvian language crochet blogs.

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I love crochet blogs in foreign languages. In Portuguese, crochet is crochê. So here are eight crochê blogs you might find it fun to check out. Linhas imaginarias, which translates toimaginary lines”, is a beautiful blog from crocheter Claudia in Brazil. Claudia shares what she is making, tells us about what she’s up to and offers […]

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Foreign language crochet blogs provide a great opportunity to soak up the visuals of our craft. Here are eight French blogs for crocheters.

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Italian is a beautiful language. Crochet is a beautiful craft. Let’s combine them and see what we find on the Italian language crochet blogs!

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