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De Core katalysator is een bedrijf dat voorraden de mooie eerlijke handel haak mochila zakken gemaakt van het Wayuu volk van Colombia die ik eerder heb vermeld op de blog.

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Fair Trade haak: Mar y Sol

door Kathryn op Mei 22, 2014 · 2 opmerkingen

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I love fair trade crochet, which refers to crochet that is done by artisans in other countries who are treated fairly, given a living wage and able to use their creative skills to earn money.

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Marrakech Crochet Vacations 2014

door Kathryn op Januari 19, 2014 · 6 opmerkingen

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Post image for Marrakech Crochet Vacations 2014

This is the third year in a row that I’ve seen the posts advertising the Marrakech, Morocco crochet retreat and really wished that I could go.

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Post image for Maker of New Sport Learns to Crochet, Helps Women in Brazil

The video below shows how a man created a new sport, basically combining hackey sack with volleyball.

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Post image for Help Kickstart Some Fair Trade Crochet in Cambodia

There’s currently a Kickstarter Project for a fair trade crochet company helping crafters in Cambodia. They’ve been doing fair trade knitting until now and recently decided to also launch a crochet section of their business.

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Post image for The Simple Beauty of Contrasts: Nyoki Handmade Crochet

What I loved immediately about Nyoki Handmade was the simple beauty of the work, which you can tell is crafted with care but not overworked.

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Artisan Crochet from Hearts

door Kathryn op Mei 16, 2013 · 1 commentaar

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Post image for Artisan Crochet from Hearts

Crochet from Hearts, which works with 2000 artisans around the world to promote eco-friendly, sustainable products and support freedom and human rights around the world.

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