Haak kunstenaars

De allereerste haak kunstenaar die ik ooit geprofileerd op deze blog was Olek. Op het moment (Januari 2011) Ze was net begonnen om brede aandacht voor haar unieke stijl van haak kunst. IK

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Last year I did an article on crochet artist Crochet Grenade for the Crochet Today blog. I wanted to share that today and add some additional information about this lovely crochet artist.

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I’m adoring the work of crochet artist Barbara De Pirro who works with plarn placed in nature to create stunning images and send a message.

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Post image for San Francisco Bay Area Crochet Artist Ramekon O’Arwisters

I recently mentioned that a friend had pointed me to the work of local crochet artist Ramekon O’Arristers who has a current exhibit I’d love to go see.

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Post image for Crochet Skeleton Artist Caitlin McCormack

I just came upon an interview with crochet artist Caitlin McCormack that got me curious about the kind of work that she’s creating.

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Post image for Spooky Crochet Art by Johanna Schweizer

In celebration of Halloween being around the corner I thought I’d share the crochet art of Johanna Schweizer.

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Crochet Artist Sara Al Haddad

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in Haak kunstenaars

Post image for Crochet Artist Sara Al Haddad

She creates artwork based on personal emotion andaspects that society might deem as weak and unacceptable to express especially as a female.

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