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Fair Trade Crochet from Haiti Babi on Creators of Tomorrow Show

fair trade crochet haiti babi

I’ve been enjoying watching Creators of Tomorrow, a ten episode documentary show available on Vimeo that follows the journeys of three social enterprises that are trying to better the world. Specifiek, I’ve been interested in the story of Haiti Babi, a fair trade knit and crochet organization started by two Seattle women that employs mothers in Haiti to help keep their children out of orphanages.

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20 New Crochet Interviews and News Bits About Crochet Designers

crochet covered stone art monicaj

I feel so lucky to be connected to the wonderful community of people that call themselves crocheters. I always love the opportunity to learn more about each of them, whether they are crochet designers, authors, artists or just lovers of the craft. That’s why I’ve always got my eye out for interviews and profiles of people who crochet.

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Gehaakte pannenlappen, Onderzetters, Trivets en meer keuken haak

joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits crochet potholders

Vorige week hebben we gekeken naar keuken haak patronen, die zijn zeer geschikt voor cadeau geven. Soms is het leuk om gewoon genieten van crafty oogsuikergoed om inspiratie dus hedendaagse roundup is niet patronen maar gewoon meer mooie beelden van mooie haak voor de keuken met inbegrip van Gehaakte pannenlappen, Haak achtbanen en meer.

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