There are so many different occasions that would be perfect for crocheting star motifs. Christmas immediately comes to mind, Natuurlijk, but stars work for nurseries, verjaardagen, Fourth of July and “alleen maar omdat”. Hier zijn meer dan 20 star crochet patterns, including simple star motif appliqués and detailed star-rich projects.

crochet square star

This crochet star begins with a simple square! JR Crochet Designs shows us how to work around the square to make a star shape that you can use as a crochet blanket or rug. Speaking of which, have you seen the earlier post rounding up ripple star crochet blankets?!

crochet square pattern

Natuurlijk, you can also attach a star shape to a basic square if you are actually seeking a square-shaped crochet pattern for a more traditional blanket (or scarf, kussen, enz.) Dit free crochet square star pattern is from Twilight Taggers.

crochet star pattern

Dit T-shirt yarn crochet star free pattern comes from Crochet in Paternoster who always makes great things using t-shirt yarn. Of course you can use the pattern with any type of yarn to get different types of stars. This star was previously posted in my roundup of Unique Crochet Motif Patterns.

crochet star trivet free pattern

Jessie thuis created this Star Trivet Free Crochet Pattern as a patriotic pattern to be used for Fourth of July picnics and parties. Echter, it could easily be adapted for use all throughout the year. Combine red and green yarn for a Christmas placemat, bijvoorbeeld. This was originally shared in my roundup of 60 creative Crochet Patterns for the Home.

crochet star free pattern

If you are looking for a simple small crochet star pattern, look no further than the free crochet star applique pattern van B.hooked haak. This pattern was shared last year in my roundup of 100 gratis 2015 haak patronen.

crochet stars pattern

Dit is een ander simple crochet star pattern, free from HomeLife.

crochet stars pattern

Want to make really small crochet stars? Hier is een teeny tiny crochet stars pattern free from Sarah of Herhaal Crafter Me. These could be adhered to greeting cards for a special touch, used to make jewelry or just kept in a bowl as beautiful decoration. Great way to use up scrap yarn!

Haak ster kussen

Pigtails shared a free crochet pattern for a simple Haak ster kussen.

Haak kleedje patroon

Hier is een star doily free crochet pattern van Lacy haak.

Haak bruiloft ster

Dit free crochet star ornament pattern was created by Crochet Dynamite as a wedding favor gift idea but it would also work for Christmas decorating.

starflower crochet mandala free pattern

De starflower crochet mandala free pattern from Zooty Owl has a star at the center of it. It’s a great option for a circular staror you could stop before it rounds out if you just want to create the star portion of the design!

starry mandala crochet pattern

Ook, another great option is the starry mandala crochet pattern Koop van agrarische Artisan. This was previously shared in my roundup of 40 Haak mandala patronen.

crochet star hat pattern

Stars can be worked into designs in many different ways. Deze prachtige crochet sun hat free pattern by Jessie At Home has a star as the center of it, which you see when you look down on it from above.

crochet tote pattern

Fiber Flux offers a free crochet pattern for a star-inspired hexagon and then shows how to use it to create this cute tote bag.

star shawl pattern for sale

De Moya Star Shawl crochet pattern for sale from Made with Loops shows how a set of stars can be combined in rows to create accessories. This was previously shared in my roundup of 20 pretty crochet shawl patterns.

sterren Gehaakte sjaal

Dit star motif crochet shawl by Kristin Omdahl is another pattern that shows this approach. This crochet pattern can be found in her book Crochet So Fine. This was previously shared in my roundup of beste Gehaakte sjaal ontwerpers as well as in my roundup of 100 unieke haak sjaals.

gratis haak cowl patroon

De starstuff free crochet cowl pattern from Tamara of Moogly is another example of how stars can be combined to create accessories; this one uses small stars an unique yarn!

Haak Kaap patroon

De boho stars crochet cape pattern for sale by Cherry Heart takes a similar idea but uses a less openwork design and combines the stars with stripes for a beautiful design.

gehaakte deken patroon

One of my favorite crochet star patterns is the Stars and Flowers crochet blanket pattern voor verkoop door Gingerbread Lady Designs, which I shared previously in my roundup of quilt-like crochet blanket patterns.

kleurrijke gehaakte deken patroon

Another great star crochet blanket pattern is this one that could be found in the vintage book Afghaanse tradities.

starburst dishcloth pattern

De Little Starburst Dishcloth by Blooming Patterns is a free crochet pattern that uses a unique stitch that looks a bit like a star. This pattern was previously shared in my roundup of 20 best crochet dishcloth patterns.

Haak ster steek

And then of course there is crochet star stitch. Leren how to crochet star stitch and then check out 15 free crochet star stitch patterns to expand upon the idea!


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