Jessie Rayot has been prolifically putting out crochet patterns for all of us to enjoy. Here are twelve of the newest ones:

Crochet Scarves and Cowls

Here are some of Jessie’s newest crochet patterns for neckwear, which is one of the areas that she excels in as a crochet designer.

crochet waves scarf pattern

Textured waves free crochet scarf pattern is a really unique design intended to look like it is made using crochet short rows but without actually incorporating that technique. It undulates visually and is also wonderfully cozy.

crochet scarf pattern by jessie

Hier is een andere cozy crochet scarf pattern; this one is made using fingering weight yarn

dragon wing crochet scarf pattern

The Dragon Wing Scarf comes in two different patternsa knit pattern and this Haak patroon. This has beautiful shaping and a great rich color.

colorful crochet cowl

Dit is een easy free crochet cowl pattern that Jessie made using beautiful, colorful Crystal Palace mochi yarn. This is an excellent use of this unique yarn.

Haak cowl gratis patroon

Nettie’s Super Simple Cowl gratis haak patroon uses the basic crochet chain as the core technique of the design. As you can see from the photo above, there is also a lot of versatility in how you can wear this. It’s a great crochet pattern for beginners.

hoodie cowl crochet pattern

Dit is een één-streng haak patroon for a chunky cowl that can be worn hooded. This is cozy and chic.

Crochet Hats and More

Jessie has some cute new crochet hat designs.

Gehaakte hoed gratis patroon

Jessie's warm hug crochet hat pattern is a cozy, free pattern for winter with rear flaps and tassel details.

Gehaakte hoed patroon

Dit Gehaakte hoed gratis patroon is a wonderful unisex design that can be adapted to different styles with the color choice. When worked with the right colors, it’s designed to go well with the Camilo’s Scarf crochet pattern shown above.

crochet hat and shawl pattern

Cari Haak slouch hat gratis patroon door Jessie thuis, die overeenkomt met haar Haak continu sjaal patroon. Use one pattern or both!

En meer haak patronen

Gehaakte sjaal patroon

Amalthea is a Gehaakte sjaal patroon incorporating stripes of solid and lacy portions. Work it in two colors as shown here or just use a single color for a subtler difference between the stripes.

Haak vierkant gratis patroon

The Flame Square is a terrific Haak vierkant gratis patroon worked in the round utilizing the texture of post stitches. This crochet square could be used for a diverse array of projects including blankets and cushions.

crochet bathmat free pattern

Dit Textured Bath Mat free crochet pattern was printed in parts as a CAL and is now complete. It has a terrific stitch pattern and a great rainbow hue. Natuurlijk, you could work this crochet pattern in another color scheme if regenboog haak doesn’t suit you. The texture makes for a great bathmat whether it is worked in many colors or just a single solid color.


San Francisco gebaseerd en haak-geobsedeerde schrijver, dromer en creatieve geest!

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