There are so many good reasons to crochet for babies and children. The designs are adorable. They don’t use up as much yarn as adult-sized crochet projects. They can be gifted to your own children, to friends or even to charities that help children in need. And it’s just fun! Hier zijn meer dan 40 crochet patterns for babies and kids to inspire you!

crochet fox hood

Haak fox kap gratis patroon van Bustin steken. Echt, how could you not love everything about these hooded animal cowls that have become so popular in the past year or so? This particular design is more hood than cowl and really showcases the cutie’s face that’s wearing the pretty design.

bear hooded cardigan crochet pattern

Beer hooded vest haak patroon te koop van Mon Petit Violon. This crochet pattern goes even further than the hooded cowl and actually gives you an adorable animal hood combined with a cute cardigan. It’s designed for kids but I want to create one for myself!

crochet toddler lamb hat free pattern

De peuter haak lam hat gratis patroon van Mama in een steek. Crochet hats with ears really are all the rage for kids right now. This lamb design is so precious it’s already giving me sweet dreams!

crochet puff stitch hats

Haak bladerdeeg steek hoed gratis patroon voor baby's / peuters van @bhookedcrochet. Of course there’s nothing wrong with a classic crochet hat pattern either and this puff stitch design is a great option.

crochet baby earflap hat free pattern

Haak oorflap hoed voor baby – gratis patroon van de melodie Makings. Earflaps are always a great addition to any crochet hat and they look adorable on babies!

free crochet cowls pattern

Mama en Me oneindige Twilight rookkanalen gratis haak patroon from Jessie. If you’ve got little girls then these cute crochet cowls are perfect for themand you!

crochet cabled hat

Bekabelde Beer hoed patroon te koop van de melodie Makings, beschikbaar in zowel brei- en haak versies. This designer always offers her patterns in both yarn crafts so that you have options if you’re a bicraftual crafter.

Haak baby hoed gratis patroon

Crochet baby hat free pattern from Lindsay Obermeyer. This simple crochet hat has a lovely scalloped edge and is adorned with a girly heart appliqué.

crochet legwarmers free pattern for kids

Eenvoudige schelpen peuter beenwarmers gratis haak patroon by Chaleur Life via mijn Hobby is haak. This is another pattern that may be for kids but I want to adapt it to suit my own size!

crochet slippers free pattern

Haak kinderen’ Slippers gratis patroon van Moogly. Keep your kidstootsies cozy and warm with these great crochet slippers!

crochet flower purse free pattern

Gratis haak patroon voor bloem beurs door @LittleMCrochet. Little girls who like to feel like princesses and enjoy flirty floral things will want to carry this purse around everywhere.

crochet pencil case

Potlood zaak haak monster patroon te koop van @JBHcrochet. School-aged kids need pencil cases (and younger kids can always stick crayons in them!)

crochet pencil pouch free pattern alligator

Alligator potlood zak gratis haak patroon van @allfreecrochet – a pencil pouch pattern that packs a punch!

colorful crochet pencil case free pattern

Kleurrijke haak potlood geval gratis patroon uit de vezels Flux. This crochet pattern would also work for adults who want to store their crochet hooks in a pretty striped bag. Just sayin’.

julie_accrochet crochet rainbow pattern

Converteerbare regenboog cowl hoed haak patroon te koop van ACCROchet. It’s always fun for kids to have things that they can play with and the way that this item changes from a cowl to hat is precisely fun like that.

crochet baby cowboy booties

Haak baby cowboy laarsjes gratis patroon van Stitch en afwikkel. What baby isn’t going to be cute in these?!

crochet owl baby booties pattern

Uil baby slofjes gratis haak patroon van hoopvol honing. AW!

crochet baby bonnet free vintage pattern

Lacy Vintage Bonnet, Gratis haak patroon via Lacy haak, which is designed to match the baby sweater that is shown below:

crochet vintage pattern baby sweater

Haak baby trui gratis vintage patroon van Lacy haak. This is one of the prettiest kidscrochet patterns in this roundup in my opinion!

Gehaakte tas patroon

Meisjes’ Gehaakte tas patroon gratis van @COTCcrochet. The yarn does all of the work to create the lovely color pooling here.

crochet newborn slippers free pattern

Pasgeboren slippers gratis haak patroon van kleine dingen geblogd. This pattern is perfect for making baby’s first pair of handmade slippers!

Haak baby slabbetje gratis patroon

Cute-als-een-knop Haak Baby Slabbetje gratis patroon van @allfreecrochet. All kids need to wear bibs so why not make them fun and unique by making your own?!

joy crochet hat free pattern

Joy (Inside Out) Geïnspireerd gehaakte hoed patroon free from Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me. She’s a great designer who is often inspired by her own children when making her patterns.

crochet baby cocoon

Haak baby cocoon gratis patroon van DLY van haken en garens, a design that keeps the baby cozy all winter long!

girls crochet shirt pattern

Keiki Top meisjes haak shirt patroon gratis van haak Kitten. I love the stitch pattern on this shirt!

striped crochet baby set

Gestreepte baby instellen patronen, available in both knit and crochet of course, for sale from Melody’s Makings

extended single crochet hat pattern

Uitgebreide interne gehaakte hoed patroon gratis van Posh patronen. This is a great pattern for practicing a stitch that you might not use that much. And it’s cute too!

Haak baby hoed gratis patroon

Baby hoed gratis haak patroon van JR haak ontwerpen. This is definitely a go-to crochet pattern for making baby hats for charity or anyone!

Haak baby muts gratis patroon

Pasgeboren muts gratis haak patroon van @myhobbyiscroche. The ribbing keeps this hat sitting comfortable on baby’s head and the stitch design is is fun to work.

crochet flower crown

Sierlijke kroon gratis haak bloemenpatroon @JBHCrochet. Just perfect.

Gehaakte slofjes patroon

Floral haak baby slofjes patroon te koop vanaf hoopvol honing. And if you leave the flowers off then these are a good unisex crochet design.

crochet cardi pattern

Zara Sleeveless haak Cardigan patroon Koop van @monpetitviolon. This designer is just so perfect as you can see from this cardi as well as from the kidsdress pattern below:

Haak jurk patroon

Haak jurk patroon for sale also from Mon Petit Violon

crochet bolero free pattern

De peuter chevron Gehaakt topje en bijpassende bolero gratis patronen van @myhobbyiscroche. Just so cute! And it’s always fun to play with chevrons.

crochet sheep square

Bobble steek schapen vierkante haak gratis patroon @repeatcrafterme. This was shown previously in my roundup of 40+ Haak vierkante patronen and is worth showing off again because it’s just too adorable.

crochet sheep blanket

C2C haak schapen graphgan deken patroon ook van @repeatcrafterme. Doesn’t she just create the cutest designs? Each one is better than the last.

Haak baby slofjes

Haak baby slofjes gratis patroon @mooglyblog. These look cozy!!! And the button is a great detail.

crochet giraffe hat

Premie baby haak giraffe hoed gratis patroon van room van het gewas-haak. Animal ears are great but full on animal heads are sometimes even better when it comes to baby hats.

crochet minnie mouse hat free pattern

Minnie Mouse gehaakte hoed gratis patroon van @crochet_stuff. Minnie!

Haak babymutsje

Rooskleurig pasgeboren hoed gratis haak patroon van hoopvol honing. That flower is such a statement piece!

crochet baby bib

Gegolfde rand haak baby slabbetje gratis patroon van Lanas de Ana. The way that the ruffle is worked on just two edges makes this a terrifically unique piece.

rainbow granny square crochet blanket

Regenboog oma vierkante haak deken patroon gratis @redheartyarns door @jessie_athome

crochet sun hat free pattern

Gehaakte hoed van de zon van Herhaal Crafter Me. This hat combined with the blanket from Jessie At Home shown just above here would be a fabulous set to gift to a baby!

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