Crochet shawls are generally large projects, so they can be really meditative and satisfying to work on and are a great way to reduce your stash if you have a lot of yarn to use up. Not sure what kind of shawl you want to crochet? Here are more than twenty crochet shawl patterns to inspire you!

Gratis Gehaakte sjaal patronen

crochet flower shawl free pattern

Gehaakte sjaal gratis bloemenpatroon met symbool grafiek en foto tutorial. Instructies in het Engels en Nederlands van Atty van blog. This is a great crochet project for springtime!

Gehaakte sjaal gratis patroon

Sjaal gratis haak patroon van @SCCelinaLane. This one has such rich color. It’s warm in texture but it can be wrapped up small so it works in different types of weather.

moogly crochet wrap free pattern

Fortuin van Wrap gratis haak patroon van Moogly. This lacy and long crochet pattern is like an oversized spring scarf.

v-stitch crochet shawl free pattern

Dit v-stitch crochet shawl pattern os free van room van het gewas haak via Stitchin’ Mama. It’s a beautiful design that showcase the perfect of the v-steek, is as cozy as a blanket and is easy to make.

Gehaakte sjaal gratis patroon

Gehaakte sjaal gratis patroon van Marly Bird. The crochet shells in a v-shaped chevron stripe pattern are absolutely perfect for a shawl design.

Beaded Gehaakte sjaal

Beaded fringe driehoekige sjaal gratis haak patroon uit onmiskenbare Glitter. Add beads to any crochet shawl pattern to make it even more special. You can see that they’re used here just like fringe.

crochet wrap pattern by jessieathome

Haak wrap gratis patroon van Jessie thuis. There are crochet shawls in all sorts of sizes including rectangle shawls like this one.

broomstick lace shawlette free crochet pattern

Peacock Stitch shawlette gratis bezemsteel kantpatroon haak van ondergrondse Crafter. This is great if you love the color of peacocks, if you love the look of bezemsteel lace en / or if you want to make a small crochet shawl for spring or summer wear.

Haak wrap gratis patroon

Zomer haak wrap gratis patroon door Amy @StitchAndUnwind. What a great example of how just a small color switch can make a big design impact.

Haak shawlette patroon

Haak shawlette gratis patroon @mooglyblog. This works especially well in that bold color!

Crochet Shawl Patterns to Purchase

Haak wrap patroon

Haak wrap patroon te koop vanaf verlichten haak. Unique stitch pattern that is fun to play with!

star shawl pattern for sale

Moya Star sjaal patroon te koop van gemaakt met lussen. This motif-based pattern is unique and beautiful. You could join several of these to make a blanket, ook!

crochet flower wrap pattern

Gehaakte bloem wrap patroon Koop van uitstaande haak. Mooie, beautiful flowers that make a great wrap!

granite and quartz crochet shawl pattern

Graniet & Kwarts Gehaakte sjaal patroon te koop van ACCROchet. A perfect combination of feminine and neutral design details.

Gehaakte sjaal patroon

Haak pi sjaal patroon te koop vanaf Rohn Strong.

Gehaakte sjaal patroon

Gehaakte sjaal patroon Koop van crochetbyfaye. A floral design that is warm enough for winter wear.

crochet hat and shawl pattern

Jessie at Home’s Haak continu sjaal patroon (te koop), which matches her Cari Haak slouch hat gratis patroon. The color changes here would also look great as an ombrethree shades of blue for example.

Other Crochet Wrap Patterns

Not quite shawls but similar, these crochet wrap patterns are also awesome:

crochet summer poncho free pattern

Poncho gratis haak patroon @crochet_stuff – bloemen, pleinen, fringe and color!

kimono crochet pattern

Kimono haak patroon Koop van vrolijk dingen. It’s basically a big shawl with arms! Zo lekker.

Haak trui

Gestreepte oogje wrap trui haak patroon Koop @crochetspot. Unique wrapping and easy to figure out.

crochet shrug pattern for sale

Raket Shrug haak patroon te koop van ACCROchet. I love how shawls look but I don’t much care for wearing them because I prefer something with arm holes so shrugs like this are a top choice of mine.

crochet capelet pattern

Cadha van Celtic Capelet haak patroon Koop van Recrochetions. Everything about this is perfect! The detail on the book. The hood. The shape. De kleur.

winter capelet crochet pattern

Warm winter capelet crochet pattern Koop van haak plek. Another cozy choice!

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