Mix en Match haak Stitch Sampler Online klasse

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Today’s challenge in the 52 Weken haak bloggen uitdaging door Julie van Red Berry haak was to share information about taking an online crochet class. That works out perfectly for me since I recently took Lily Chin’s Mix en Match haak Stitch Sampler Online klasse over at Annie’s. I actually won the class in a GoCrochet blog giveaway, which gave me a great excuse to try it out.

Lily Crochets So Quickly!

The first thing I noticed when I started watching the classes was how amazingly fast Lily Chin crochets! It was fascinating to watch. The truth is that I tend to prefer written crochet instructions to video instructions but it was a treat to get to see her in action!

Easy Step-By-Step Info

Lily is easy to understand. She’s clear in her instructions and the video information supplements what she’s saying. She did a great job putting this class together in the sense that the information builds on itself. You keep learning as you go, which is what a good class should be all about.

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Inside Info

What’s great about this class is that Lily Chin provides tips and information that can be used for many different types of projects. This goes beyond the information that you’d get from many of the instructional crochet blog posts and patterns out there. Lily feels relatable and that’s what makes the video class more fun than just a regular written set of instructions.

Written Downloadable Crochet Patterns

Dat gezegd, I really do follow actual instructions better when I have them written down. I’m just not visual; I’m wordy. But the class comes with downloadable written instructions so I was able to use those to work through the material. I’m not quite ready to share what I’ve made but it’ll be up on the blog in the future!

More Online Crochet Classes

Would I take another online crochet class? Misschien. It’s not my preferred format for learning but at the same time it does offer some personality and fun and a different approach to following a crochet pattern. So it’s a possibility

crochet blog challenge Mix and Match Crochet Stitch Sampler Online Class

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