Haak gezondheid

Haak geneest. There has been a little bit of research and a lot of anecdotal evidence to prove this. (I shared a lot of that in my book Haak mijn leven gered, and I’ve been sharing it in other publications ever since.) But there has been a lot less research into exactly Hoe Haak geneest. Ik wil nemen van het onderzoek naar het volgende niveau door het verzamelen van uw inbreng in de verschillende gezondheidsvoordelen van haak. Ik heb gemaakt een enquête om te onderzoeken hoe haak geneest. Neem een moment om te fill out the survey to help all of us gain a deeper understanding of the health benefits of crochet.

I will do a deep, comprehensive analysis of the results of this crochet health survey. I will use this information to write a series of articles for online and print publication, supplement the material in my books and spread the word throughout the craft community about the health benefits of crochet. This information has the potential to get crochet into the hands of more people, including people in hospitals, recovery centers and other centers of need. The more information we gather, the more we can help others.

Please take the survey. Wanneer u klaar bent, please consider asking others to complete this survey as well. You are free to publish the link to the survey on your blogs, in your newsletters and through your social media channels.

Take the survey now.


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