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Gebrandschilderd glas gehaakte deken

Dit gehaakte deken Afghaanse patroon is opgebouwd uit grote gebrandschilderd glas pleinen.

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  1. Please can I buy a copy of this pattern for the Stained Glass Crochet Blanket

  2. Please please help me. My brother sent me this pattern and wanted me to try and make it for him before he passed away. Helaas, he passed before I really got a chance to start. I lost the pattern due to someone being mean and hateful and they threw it away. I will pay whatever price please I’m begging you for a copy of this pattern. Gelieve te helpen

  3. Rhonda J Dallimonti

    Ik hou van uw #10 Grote gebrandschilderd glas gehaakte deken… Could you tell me where I could get the pattern.

    Thank you 🙂

  4. Absoluut gorgeous

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