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Dit weekend zag ik haak in een speelgoedwinkel dat ik in. Ik heb het opgezocht om uit te vinden het is een fair trade-label had ik nog niet gehoord van. I am always super interested in all fair trade crochet so I had to learn more!

The Store

paxton gate for kids Yellow Label Toys: Fair Trade Crochet

The store that I was in was Paxton Gate: Curiosities for Kids, die op Valencia in de Mission District van San Francisco. The original Paxton Gate is this weird curiosity shop filled with plants, taxidermy animals and other oddness. A couple of years ago they opened up the kidsshop which is filled with smart, non-tech, eco-vriendelijk, organic creative toys. Although it’s intended for kids, I find it at least as magical as the adult version of the store and always pop in if I’m in the area.

The Crochet Toys

These were the crochet toys that I spotted in the shop:

fair trade crochet rattle 400x268 Yellow Label Toys: Fair Trade Crochet

fair trade crochet toy 400x268 Yellow Label Toys: Fair Trade Crochet

They’re crochet rattles. Aanbiddelijk! Checking them out online I can see that the toadstool rattles (bottom photo just above this text) are made from organic bamboo yarn. No wonder they were so soft! This yarn is a common feature of many of the items the brand sells.

Het Label

yellow label fair trade crochet Yellow Label Toys: Fair Trade Crochet

The brand that makes this is called Yellow Label. The label was started by a mother who was inspired by her son to findan alternative to mass-produced, commercial toys and clothing”. She works with artisans in different countries, mostly mothers also, to offer them fair trade wages for handcrafted items that parents can buy with a clear conscience.

The brand’s mission, as described on the site:

At Yellow Label Kids, we believe that products can be equally fun, stylish and functional, while still being ethically crafted and environmentally responsible. The artisans who make our products are paid fair living wages in accordance with Fair Trade standards.

Ik hou Fair Trade Haak!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Yellow Label Toys: Fair Trade Crochet
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