Als haak om te genezen meer financiering krijgt zal ik weggeven 5 Kopieën van haak gered mijn leven

I am so excited to say that the fundraiser I’ve been doing to support my next book, Haak om te genezen, reached 100% funding this week! I am so touched by the support I’ve received from everyone (whether you’ve been able to afford to donate or not!) There are still a couple of days left when funding will get accepted and I can use every little bit so I thought I’d make a deal with youif Hook to Heal closes its funding with $3000 I’ll do a big giveaway on this blog offering five free copies of my book Haak mijn leven gered.

About Hook To Heal

Hook to Heal is my next book project and includes online classes and email coaching. The goal of this project is to help crocheters learn how to use their craft to improve their quality of life, honor their inner artist, enhance their relationships and generally heal. I was working on a draft of one of the chapters this morning and am so excited with how it is developing. Like with Crochet Saved My Life, it’s going to include some personal insights and stories around crocheting for health in addition to the exercises and practical tips it will offer.

Learn more about Hook to Heal from the Indiegogo page here.

Over haak mijn leven gered

For those who don’t know, Crochet Saved My Life was my 2012 book about the mental and physical health benefits of crochet. It has received amazing support and positive comments from so many people and places (including most recently Lion merk garen in a blog post they did yesterday).

Meer weten over Crochet Saved My Life here.

The Fundraiser

As a self-published author I need to have cash up front to be able to publish my next book, Haak om te genezen, which comes out this fall. Some of the things I need funding for include a photographer, printing fees and an editor (one small gripe people had about the first book was that it needed an editor and I have to say that costs money!) So I’ve been doing a fundraiser to try to get that money to make the book happen. And everyone who contributes get something in return.

If you donate just $1 to the campaign you’ll get a public mention on my blog thanking you for your support and will also have your name included in the acknolwedgments of the print book.

For just $10 you can not only get a digital copy of the book when it’s ready but also get a free small sidebar ad on Crochet Concupiscence for a month.

And for $25 you get a larger ad for a month plus a print copy of the book this fall.

There are also other options for donating, which you can explore on the Indiegogo page.

De Giveaway

There are only a couple of days left to donate. If funding closes out with $3000 or more than I’ll do a giveaway here on the blog offering signed copies of Crochet Saved My Life to five lucky people. Those books will come with a few other crochet-related surprises in the package. The giveaway will be easy to enter and will be open internationally.

But isn’t $3000 a big goal? Ja, but I think it’s do-able. I’ve received some offline contributions from people that I still need to add to the campaign. I know of at least one donation that’s still coming this week. And if a few more people contribute then I think we can get there. Wat denk je?

Abonneer je op alle berichten door dagelijks een e-mail of via een feedreader.

Abonneer je op mijn nieuwsbrief waar ik haak nieuws en updates delen elke 1-2 maanden.


San Francisco gebaseerd en haak-geobsedeerde schrijver, dromer en creatieve geest!

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  1. “Haak” is a great book, yes an editor would help and that’s what funds are for, and I suspect that Hook will be as well. Good luck with this and all future endeavors.

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    Haak mijn leven gered vertelt mijn verhaal van hoe crafting me van chronische depressie genezen. Hij deelt ook de verhalen van 24 andere geweldige vrouwen die verslaafd te genezen. Lees het boek vandaag!