Haken en breien houd levens te redden

I was so excited when I saw that Lion Brand Yarn had written a post about my book, Haak mijn leven gered. While I loved what they said about the book, what really touched me was what people said about their own crochet/ knitting health experiences in the comments.

Haak geneest

I’d encourage you to read the comments yourself but here’s an overview of the things that people talked about healing from with the help of crochet and knitting:

  • Miscarriage, stillbirth and other pregnancy complications
  • Verdriet related to the loss of loved ones including mothers and fiancees
  • Cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Verslaving
  • PTSD and other trauma-related conditions
  • Depressie
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Chronic illness and chronic pain, met inbegrip van Fibromyalgie
  • Pain and injury
  • Stress and stress-related conditions

Our Crochet Health Stories Matter

It was hearing and sharing stories like this that made me proud of the book in the first place. I am so glad that the book continues to inspire people to talk about this topic. I treasure these exchanges on my blogs and the blogs of others like Lion Brand. Want to share your story? Toetreden tot de Haak opgeslagen mijn leven Ravelry groep and connect with others who heal through yarncrafting.

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