Mijn haak: Onlangs maakte kleine Items (+ Leukste Kitten ooit!)

I thought I’d share a short roundup of some of the small items that I’ve crocheted recently and hadn’t shown off on the blog yet.

Crochet Juggling Balls

crochet juggling balls

My sister juggles and she is part of a juggling club so she knows a lot of people who juggle. I used a gratis haak patroon from Worth a Knit as the basics for these juggling balls.

Crochet Wine Cozies

crochet wine cozies

I’ve crocheted a lot of wine cozies over the past few months. This one is made using a bulky silver crochet yarn. It’s a set of single crochets, the center is double crochets and then another set of sc with just a few more rounds of dc at the top.

Crochet Heart Appliques

crochet heart appliques

I crocheted a bunch of heart appliques using the mini hearts free crochet pattern van haak vandaag. Ik deed een guest post on their blog showing different ways to adapt a pattern easily to make it your own (such as changing the yarn color, which is what I did for the hearts shown here).

Novelty Yarn Crochet Scarf

novelty yarn scarf

I had this bulky furry novelty yarn that I hdc’d into a short scarf. Gezellige!

Haak kat Bed (FAIL)

In December I was petsitting the cutest cat ever, Leeloo:


I wanted to crochet her a pet bed, using the Nest Pattern from Eilan Tein. She uses T-shirt yarn for hers. I thought if I did double-stranded bulky acrylic yarn it would be strong enough.

pet bed crochet

Echter, about halfway through I realized it wasn’t going to stand up well and would just come crashing down on kitty’s head. I’ll have to make plans to make her that bed at some point, Hoewel, because she loves being warm and cozy under blankets and I think she’d really like it.

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3 Opmerkingen:

  1. I have been crocheting a dragon scarf WIP (there are pictures), stash monster toys, and a convertible cowl (WIP, no pix yet). See my project pages on Raverly under Pandastamper.

  2. I’m hurt you didn’t use my pattern for that pet bed LOL (Grapje!) Eigenlijk, cats LOVE things that crumple down around them creating little densI think kitty would LOVE the bed you made for her.
    What have I been makingughsame things as 2 weeks ago LOL Primarily a knitted ear warmer (which I desperately need to finish out of sheer need of function) and a wrap for my daughter.

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