Crochet for Teen Boys in Substance Abuse Recovery

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One of the things that I wrote about in my book Haak mijn leven gered was how crochet is a craft that is frequently used in substance abuse centers. JD over at Craft Gossip recently mentioned her experience of seeing this firsthand.

Teen Boys Crochet in Recovery

JD shared in her post:

In my own experience working with teens in substance abuse recovery, I taught many of them to crochet. Everyone one of them (mostly boys) learned quickly and were almost immediately calmed in a situation that was formerly chaotic. If this simple craft has that much impact, we truly need to spread the word.

Benefits of Crochet for Substance Abuse

JD mentions the important point that crochet is an immediately calming activity, making it great for someone going through substance abuse treatment. This is a chaotic situation during a tense time for all patients and it is immensely helpful to find ways to calm down to work through the issues during withdrawal and self-improvement and recovery.

Some of the other benefits of crochet in a substance abuse recovery setting include:

  • Offers a positive skill to help cope with everyday stressors.
  • Increases self-esteem through making something.
  • Offers a distraction to help keep the mind focused on something other than craving for the addictive substance.
  • Teaches the skill of visualizing and completing a project, allows for learning to visualize a better future.
  • Creates a sense of community within the group as the participants help each other with the craft. Learn more about this by reading crochet as therapy vs. crochet in therapy.

Haak om te genezen

The reason that JD was inspired to mention this topic on her blog was actually because she was kindly sharing with others the information about my new project, Haak om te genezen. She says that she is personally supportive of the project and shared some really super kind words that I wanted to share with you here today:

I think Kathryn has touched on the very essence of all that’s best in crochet. It is creative. It is calming. It is centering. It’s meditative. It’s a peaceful, artistic endeavor that benefits both the crocheter and the recipient of the works of our hands.

Thanks JD, not just for the kind words but for what you offer to crocheters and what you gave in working with boys in that substance abuse program!

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