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In one of my recent link love roundups I shared a post from CraftGossip in which blogger JD asks about the pros and cons of using eReaders as a crocheter. Ik heb Kindle gebruikt of iets dergelijks, maar ik heb soms gewoon lezen haak patronen online … vaker, hoewel, Ik heb de neiging om uit te printen de patronen en er zijn voors en tegens bij dat. I thought I’d share some tips on the topic today.

Pr0s and Cons of Printing Crochet Patterns

I don’t follow crochet patterns to the letter all that often but sometimes I do use the patterns as inspiration or as a guide to getting stitch numbers correct when I’m making something. And with so many great paid and free crochet patterns out there I certainly do use them sometimes. When I do use them, it is pretty common that I will print them out.

The benefits of printing crochet patterns include:

  • The pattern is then easily portable. I can read it while crocheting in bed, take it with me to crochet at a house where I’m petsitting or reizen with the pattern. A few pieces of printed paper can go with you just about anywhere whereas some of the more advanced technology isn’t as convenient.
  • I can easily make marks on the pattern. I can make notes to myself about where I’m at in the pattern, what I’ve changed as I’ve adapted it, etc.. I am aware that there are ways to do this in some of the eReaders but I find it especially simple to do it just on a piece of paper. One thing I like is that I can print out two or three copies to mark different changes for different adaptations I’ve tried.
  • You can make the text as large or small as you want. If you need a large font to read the pattern more easily then you can do that for yourself. I should note that you can zoom in on mobile devices as well, hoewel.
Some of the drawbacks I’ve found to printing out crochet patterns as opposed to just reading them on my computer include:
  • The cost of computer ink/ toner as well as paper. Plus there is the environmental waste to consider of this aspect of printing out the crochet patterns. De Ink Industry Blog has a great infographic showing the life cycle of a toner cartridge that can give some perspective on this.
  • Sometimes I forget where the pattern originally came from. If I want to find it again online or get more details then I need to do some searching. Usually it’s not too hard to figure out but sometimes it’s an annoyance.
  • Multiple-page printouts sometimes get disorganized. I have been known to lose pages and mix them up in the past, causing myself serious frustration in trying to follow a crochet pattern!
  • Reading printed out crochet patterns reduces computer eyestrain. I am on my computer for a large percentage of each day. When I’m crocheting I don’t want my eyes focused on a screen of any kind.
  • Some people use printing to share copyrighted crochet patterns with others. If a designer is asking you to pay for a crochet pattern then be sure to respect that and don’t share it with others who haven’t paid for it!
  • I can twist and turn the pattern any way I want to match how I have my working piece.I hadn’t thought of this one but it was mentioned by a commenter on the CraftGossip post and it’s so trueyou can get a better visual if you can manipulate the way you see a pattern and that’s tough on mobile devices that automatically re-orient themselves when turned!

Tips for Printing Crochet Patterns

If you are someone who likes to print out crochet patterns but wants to decrease the negatives of doing so, I’ve got a few tips. Let’s start with tips that will help you reduce the waste of computer ink / toner as well as paper:

  • Print out only the pages that you are actually going to use. Vaak de eerste pagina of de laatste pagina heeft duidelijke onnodige informatie die je niet nodig hebt om af te drukken. Kijk goed voordat je de pagina's wilt afdrukken selecteren.
  • Beperk het aantal foto's dat u afdrukt uit. Wilt u misschien een of twee om u te helpen herinneren wat het patroon is, maar als het patroon heeft vele foto's in het u misschien wilt selecteren niet om ze allemaal af te drukken om de computer inkt en het opslaan van papier.
  • Afdrukken op een lagere resolutie. Je hoeft niet super hoge kwaliteit nodig hebben om de meeste gedrukte haak patronen lezen dus ga je gang en verlaagt u de resolutie. De bovengenoemde infographic van de Inkt Industry Blog zegt dat het verlagen van de standaard resolutie van 1200 dpi tot 600 dpi kan de levensduur van een inktpatroon te verhogen door 15% en ook u 10% meer inkt uit de cartridge.
  • Refill ink cartridges instead of throwing them out and buying brand new ones. This is a great way to save money and save the earth.
  • Use paper-saving techniques when printing crochet patterns. You can print on both sides of the paper or print on recycled paper, bij voorbeeld.
Here are some additional tips that you may find helpful when printing crochet patterns:
  • Make sure that you immediately write the source of the pattern onto the paper if it’s not clear so that if you want to find it again you’ll be able to do so.
  • Use smart tech tips to reduce eyestrain if reading crochet patterns on computers or mobile devices.
  • Number the pages of the printout. Alternatief, staple or paperclip them together in order to avoid mixing up the page order.

Alternatives to Printing Crochet Patterns

The most common alternatives to printing out a crochet pattern are:

  • Read the crochet pattern online. This is the alternative that I’ll use sometimes. Bij voorbeeld, I’ll visit a blog that offers a free crochet pattern and I’ll just crochet directly from reading the pattern there. This only works if I have access to a computer with Internet access for the duration of crocheting the pattern.
  • Download the crochet pattern to read on my laptop. This allows me to access the crochet pattern from my portable computer regardless of whether or not I have an Internet connection. I download Ravelry patterns and use them this way sometimes. I’ll often do this if I only want to use a small portion of the pattern and don’t feel like I need to print out the whole thing (bij voorbeeld, if I just want the instructions for a specific stitch repeat).
  • Download the crochet pattern to a mobile device. The Kindle, Nook, iPad, mobile phones, etc.. are all options for reading crochet patterns. This is also a way to purchase full crochet books offered in ebook version, ook, natuurlijk. Although I don’t have a Kindle myself, I made my own book (Haak Saved My Life) available to Kindle readers because I know that this is such a popular choice with people today. Many of the people who commented on JD’s post on CraftGossip were loving their various mobile devices for reading crochet patterns, books and magazines (although they did note that formatting is sometimes off).
  • Buy the book. Crochet books and crochet magazines are still a great way to get a lot of patterns in one place. They have their pros and cons as well, natuurlijk, but should definitely be considered as an option for getting crochet patterns.

Are there any options that I’m overlooking here? Deel ze in de reacties hieronder!

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Great ideas. When printing patterns from a blog, I often use Print Friendly or Printliminator, free bookmarklets that enable me to delete excess photos or information I don't need to reference.

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