Toen en Nu in Haak (12/16 – 12/31)

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2011 in haak: Dior, Castaway Collection pillows, Amigurumi Bunny Kit by dawntoussaint, Oscar de La Renta

Usually on Sundays I look back at the dates of the same week in 2011 to see what has happened in crochet based on what I was blogging then. This month the schedule is a little wonky because of the busy activities of the blog in December. Vandaag gaan we terug kijken op deze blog voor de data van 12/16/2011 door 12/31/2011.

Haak Art

crochet artist jennifer xerri 400x533 Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

I profiled the work of crochet artist and DJ Jennifer Xerri of Starlily Creations. Ze blijft deze beide creatieve werk te doen. The photo above is the artist at one of her recent events.

Crochet artist Magda Sayeg had her work featured in a Sudafed commercial, nemen yarnbombing meer in de mainstream. Sayeg heeft gewerkt aan een aantal nieuwe projecten, which she shares op haar blog.

Haak Boeken

crochet book2 Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

I reviewed this crochet essay book by designer Mary Beth Temple. Temple had a great new pattern book come out this year called Curvy Girl Crochet: 25 Patterns that Fit and Flatter Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31).

Haak Inspiration

knit blanket Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

Ik dit zag Martha Stewart knit blanket and wanted to see something similar in crochet. They aren’t the same but a couple that have reminded me of this blanket are:

crochet blanket 400x300 Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

Red Clover’s Long Weekend Blanket

granny square blanket 400x302 Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

en Anastacia Knits’ Ogunquit Granny

Haak Nieuws

crochet sponge 500x391 Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

Nieuwe soort Killer Sponge Looks Like Haaknaald

Roundup van 5 Haak World Records. I referenced this post recently when I wrote about the blind crocheter who was trying to get a world record.

Haak Fashion

crochet tights Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

I was in love with the granny-square inspired tights by House of Holland. I actually recently mentioned these again in a post calledlooks like a granny“. These tights are no longer sold through the brand but they do have some other cute tights, like their pink houndstooth tights.

crochet dior Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

I did a profile of Christian Dior crochet voor mijn Designer Haak Serie. I currently see no new crochet in the Dior online shop.

Haak Quotes

Een paar van de dingen die een aantal slimme mensen zeiden:

“Motifs are great traveling projects. They are so small you can crochet them in line to almost anything. Why yes I have crocheted at long red lights and in grocery store lines.”CrochetByFaye

“Crocheting is a tactile process: the yarn runs through your fingers as you hold it.”Stacey Trock

“She might have entered the endeavor merely with the hope of having something soft and snuggly to wear the next time she heads out in the cold, but she will likely walk away from it with the realization that the tiny, tinkering activity of her hands also works wonders for her mind. Met andere woorden, she’ll be hooked.”Celia Barbour

“We use them to carry delicacies from the market or to hold our latest crochet projects, as purses or carryalls—well, to tell the truth, we use them for just about everything. I’m talking about crocheted bags. These brilliant accessories are not only fun to crochet but are also the perfect canvas to showcase your crochet skills.” - Toni Rexroat I also had a second quote from this CrochetMe writer: “Crochet is captivating in its beauty. Hundreds of little stitches are combined in millions of possible arrangements to create a final a final work of art, whether it is a lace collar of intricate thread crochet or a simple hat to keeps a child’s ears warm.”

“I have created hundreds of garments and accessories with everything from indifferent craft acrylic to luxury cashmere, in elk gewicht van kant tot super volumineuze. Ik blijf erbij dat elke garen verdient een goed ontwerp. Ook al duurt het buitengewone inspanning, lange nachten van garen fluisteren, vleiend en vechtpartijen, eventually every yarn must speak to me.”Doris Chan

“Knitters, crocheters, quilters and other crafters generously give the work of their hands to family, friends and charitable causes year-round. But during the holiday season it seems even easier to give.”Ontwerpen door KN

“The thing I love most about crochet is the endless possibilities for projects. You aren’t restricted to making wearable items, craft items, household items, tote bags or purses. You can do it all.”Crochetbird

"Ik denk dat vrouwen niet per se identificeren haken of borduren met de oude rol van de huisvrouw en daarom wordt in plaats daarvan gezien als een toegankelijk medium waardoor ontwerpers en kunstenaars zich kunnen uiten." – Yanina Schenkel

“Crochet has had more ups and downs than any other known form of handwork and has even been considered a lost art during many periods of time. Maar het vaartuig is onkwetsbaar gebleken en heeft altijd overleefd, even after long periods of almost complete stagnation.”Liz Blackwell

“The new year is a time for reflection for many of us. Crocheters are perhaps more reflective than most.”Binnen Haak

Haak op Etsy

castaway collection 400x155 Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

I interviewed Etsy shop owner Castaway Collections. This year I’m really loving the interviews done on the Castaway Collections website of photographers who work with creative handcrafted props.

steady hand 400x52 Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

I also interviewed Aprile of The Steady Hand. This year Aprile and I did a cross-blog gesprek.

diy crochet kit 400x300 Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

I put together a treasury of the best in DIY crochet kits. Mijn 2012 favorite sare probably the ones from FreshStitches (like the owl kit shown above).

black and white crochet necklace 400x533 Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

I also did an Etsy treasury of black and white crochet items. It included this pretty necklace by Rosiescosies.

crochet rag rug 400x299 Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

And I did a treasury showing the 12 most expensive crochet items on Etsy. This year it turns out that a lot of the items that come up in a search like this aren’t actually high priced. Sometimes people just want to show an example of their work and not list it for sale and one way to do that is to put a high price on it so that the item can be seen but not purchased. Bij voorbeeld, there is a beautiful gehaakte lap tapijt listed at $99,999 but it looks like it’s actually an example from a seller who really offers them for about $35. So always look twice at those high prices because they may be far more affordable than you think!

Wat ik was aan

 Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

I had completed my 2011 book about awesome elderly crocheters. This book recently got a recommendation from Crochet Queen Gwen Blakley Kinsler. I am now working on 2012 boekje.

blue and white crochet bag Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

I finished crocheting this blue and white bag. I also made quite a few other crochet bags.

crochet cowl Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

And I made this soft crochet cowl.

surmount the stash Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

I created a plan to participate in Overwin de Stash. I didn’t end up completing the project but I did meet a lot of my goals. Another project I started and didn’t complete was my 365 Manieren om te dragen Crochet.

hookedtogether2 500x84 Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

Ik een update van vijf dingen die ik zou zo ver van de Hooked Samen project waar ik mee bezig was geleerd gedeeld. Ik keek naar de Door Haken 4 U Blogroll. I still follow some of the blogs I learned about from this one including The LazyHobbyhopper.

giveaway Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

Ik begon mijn 31 Dagen van Haak Giveaways voor de maand december. Dit jaar plaats ik een doe 12 Dagen van Haak Kerstmis Giveaway.

lunapic 132081412083532 8 Then and Now in Crochet (12/16   12/31)

Ik lanceerde ook mijn 2011 dagelijks Awesome Haak Blogger awards, which I’m doing again this year You can see the daily awards each afternoon in December to find out who is doing awesome things in crochet blogging.

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