2012 Awesome haak Blog Awards: De meeste resultaten in haak

Drumroll gelieve … De winnaar van de 2012 award for the most achievements in crochet is:

* Laurinda van ReCrochetions *

De meeste resultaten in haak

Today’s Awesome Crochet Blog Award is for the most achievements in crochet this year. I believe that when one of us succeeds in this community we all succeed (something I may have picked up from Laurie Wheeler!) So the achievements of one individual are something that we should all celebrate because they move the craft forward. This award celebrates that and celebrates how inspiring it is to see someone make leaps and bounds in their crafty growth.

Over de winnaar

Laurinda Reddig of ReCrochetions is a crochet teacher and designer who has had some great achievements this year. She was the winner of the grand prize at this year’s CGOA design competition. Haar werk is onlangs verschenen in diverse grote haak tijdschriften. She self-published her first pattern sampler book this year. And she has gotten attention for her work in a niche area of crochet called Omkeerbare Intarsia. I first met her when seeking interviews for my book, Haak mijn leven gered; Laurinda is de oprichter van Remembering Rowan, waar ze haak gebruikt om levend houden van de herinnering aan de dochter die ze verloren, terwijl het helpen van andere vrouwen die zich bezighouden met verdriet.

3 Redenen van de winnaar Won

Each of us has achieved new things in crochet this year, zowel kleine als grote. Laurinda was the winner of the award this year because:

  1. Laurinda’s growth has been exponential. I pride myself on knowing most of the names in the crochet community because of all of the research I do for this blog and yet when she first introduced herself to me to be interviewed for the book I hadn’t heard of her yet. Now her name is in all of the crochet magazines, on many blogs and websites, in my own bookher name is one people in crochet now know because of the leaps and bounds she made in her work this year.
  2. Laurinda’s growth has also been steady. She had huge achievements this year but the history of her recent work shows that she is not a fly-by-night crafter who will be here today and gone tomorrow. Her daughter passed away five years ago and each year she has done something big in her craft life to honor her daughter’s memory. She sets goals and meets them and the crochet community is paying attention.
  3. Her biggest projects are just awesome. Check out her award-winning Mystery Machine Afghan en Rowan Tree Vest. Just beautiful work!
It didn’t influence my choice of award in any way but I want to give a thanks to Laurinda for her participation in my book, Haak mijn leven gered, as well as for being a sponsor of the big 12 Dagen van haak Kerstmis, which kicks off here on the blog tomorrow.

Wat Is deze haak Blog Award?

Niet zeker wat deze prijs is alles over? Het is een van mijn jaarlijkse haak blogger awards, uitgedeeld op deze blog elke dag elke December. Leer alles over het hier.


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