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Drumroll pleaseThe winner of the best crochet video tutorials for 2012 is:

* New Stitch a Day *

Best Crochet Video Tutorials Award

Today’s awesome crochet blogger award is for the best free video tutorials in crochet. Tutorials are the “Procedures” of crochet, providing us with step-by-step instructions for crochet techniques ranging from how to do a basic chain to how to create a bobble ripple stitch. Free online crochet tutorials are how many new crocheters are learning the craft today and therefore are important to this community! Note that today’s award is specifically for video tutorials; I already gave an award for best written crochet tutorials van 2012.

About The Winner

Johnny Vasquez started knitting in 2010 and quickly fell in love with all things fiber art. In 2011, he got certified by the Craft Yarn Council to start teaching both knit and crochet. He shares that knowledge through video tutorial posts on New Stitch a Day. As the name suggests, this site has daily updates of new tutorials in both knitting and crochet. Find New Stitch a Day on Pinterest, Facebook, en Twitter. Johnny also hosts Fiberstory.tv.

3 Reasons The Winner Won

Veel, many bloggers have done terrific crochet video tutorials this year. New Stitch a Day won because:

  1. The videos have great personality and style. I love the retro feel (and font) of the brand. The layout of each video is clear and well-organized and has a sense of the teacher’s voice. It’s comfortable and clear and easy to understand.
  2. There is terrific variety in the stitch tutorials available. You can learn all of the basics from New Stitch a Day as well as get exposed to unique new stitches. All advanced stitches have written instructions that clearly show which simpler stitches are involved and link to the tutorials for those stitches so you can easily learn any pattern. Plus if you’re bicraftual there are an equal number of knitting tutorials to choose from.
  3. The video tutorials are supplemented by written instructions as well as photos. We all learn differently. I think video tutorials are great but I usually don’t learn well from them personally so I love that each tutorial post includes the written instructions.
It didn’t affect my choice of award winner in any way but I want to give a thanks to New Stitch a Day for regularly supporting my work through social media sharing.

What Is This Crochet Blog Award?

Not sure what this award is all about? It’s one of my annual crochet blogger awards, given out on this blog every day each December. Learn all about it here.

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@newstitchaday @CrochetBlogger Congrats!! and thank you for all your tutorials - well-worth it


@newstitchaday @CrochetBlogger well, I'm not surprised. Congrats newstitch and Thank you!


@newstitchaday @CrochetBlogger You deserve it!

undergroundcrafter like.author.displayName 1 Zoals

I was just recommending this site to one of my crochet students yesterday. I love the videos, ook.

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