2012 Awesome Haak Blog Awards: Best Foto

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Drumroll aub … De winnaar van de 2012 award for the best photos from a crochet blogger is:

* Kate from Foxs Lane *

Best Photos on a Crochet Blog

Today’s Awesome Crochet Blog Award is for the crochet blogger who shares the best photos on her blog. Photos are so important on crochet blogs because we want to see what the blogger is talking about. They don’t just dress up a crochet blog; they provide information. When we can see the yarn up close, see the stitches in detail then we can get a good sense of the projects that are being shared. The best crochet blogs share high-quality photos not only of their work but also of their lives so we get to know them as individuals as well as makers.

Over The Winner

Kate describes herself on her blog as amother of three girlies, wife of one farmer boy, organic farmer, maker, bakker, haken, breister, stitcher…” This is something you can see on her blog where she shares photos of her yarn work, foods she’s making, her children and her farm. It looks like a beautiful life filled with joy and that makes her blog a joy to follow.

3 Redenen The Winner Gewonnen

I can’t count on my fingers and toes how many beautiful crochet blogs I follow that have terrific photos. I narrowed this award down to Kate as the winner because:

  1. All of her posts are rich in photos. They aren’t just sprinkled in here and there but make up a beautiful bulk of her posts. Ja, she shares lovely words, but these pictures say a lot and you can count on them to be there and be beautiful in each post!
  2. Each photo is of high quality. Kate doesn’t describe herself anywhere as a professional photographer so I’m guessing that she’s not but you woudn’t know it considering the amazing quality of every single photo on this blog. There are no throwaway images here. Each photo has great color, great detail and great emotion.
  3. The variety in photos keeps you wanting to come back and see more. While most of the photos are detailed close-ups, she does the occasional long shot as well. The subject matter, style and lighting vary. While the crochet and yarn posts obviously interest me, the variety of other images actually intrigues me as well.
I should add that I’m not the only one to be inspired by this blogger’s photos; check out how they recently inspired an artist.

What Is This Haak Blog Award?

Niet zeker wat deze prijs is alles over? Het is een van mijn jaarlijkse haak blogger awards, gegeven op deze blog elke dag elk jaar in december. Lees er hier alles over.

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Zoals dit bericht, Neem druk op de knop aandeel! Hou echt van wat ik doe met Haak Concupiscence? Overwegen om een schenking of meer een blog sponsor.

Thank you so much for this.

Zoals u al weet, Ik was vanmorgen volledig overweldigd door uw gulle zoete woorden.

Ik hoop dat je de mooiste feestdagen.

Liefde Kate


@ CrochetBlogger oh mijn god!!! Ik ben volledig overweldigd door uw prachtige en royale woorden. Dank u!!!


@ Foxslane ik echt genieten van elk bezoek aan uw blog!

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