Dan en nu in haak (11/4 – 11/10)

2011 in haak: Sarah Applebaum, Hotel Pelirocco, Pablo Cabahug, garen opslag

Elke week ga ik terug naar deze dezelfde data op de haak wellust blog vorig jaar. I look at what I was writing about then and update you where I can. It’s a way that we can all stay on top of crochet news and celebrate the changes that our community goes through over time. I hope you enjoy this week’s look back at 2011 in haak:

Haak kunst

I had just discovered the crochet art of Sarah Applebaum because of the Zeventien Evergreen video it was in at the time. I went on to profile this artist and really love seeing her work. She just recently wrapped up a solo show in Tennessee.

Hotel Pelirocco opened its crochet and knit room called Do Knit Disturb. This beautiful room is decorated with colorful handcrafted items. The room was designed by crochet artist Kate Jenkins, known primarily for her comfort food crochet installations. The room rents for £59.00 per weeknight, a little more on weekends, with breakfast included.

Haak boeken

I reviewed Betty Barnden’s Super Finishing Techniques for Crocheters. Inspired by the book I also did a post sharing Barnden’s 10 Slimme Tips voor het krijgen van een groot afgewerkt haak Product. Barnden’s newest book, which came out this summer, is 75 Crocheted Floral Blocks.

Haak nieuws

De National Waterways Museum honored the history of crochet on canal narrowboats. This was the first time I learned anything about the UK canal narrowboats, let alone the role that crochet played in that history. I recently delved deeper into this topic and did a full post on kanaal narrowboat haak. Zeer interessant!

Twelve-year-olds in the seventh grade class at a San Jose school were crocheting baby blankets for newborns in need. I always love stories about kids who crochet.

Knopen van de liefde reached some great milestones. A couple of months ago this organization, which collects chemo caps for donation to cancer patients, sought votes to receive a big grant. To my knowledge the votes aren’t in yet as to who the grant winners were this year.

A double hand transplant patient learns to crochet.

Haak mode

Pablo Cabahug created beautiful crochet for 2011 Philippine Fashion Week. I recently named him as one of the top twenty male crochet designers for this work. Cabahug didn’t have his own website at that time but he does now. In een recent interview he named Emanuel Ungaro among his inspirations.

Haak Quotes

Here were some of the smart things people said about crochet:

“For thousands of years, the art and craft of natural dyeing has connected our creative urges with the inner workings of the natural world. As humans dyed fibers and then turned them into textiles and a range of other useful everyday objects, they transferred color from the plant and mineral kingdoms into human material culture. The dye processes that have evolved through the centuries are an outcome of both human error and conscious creation.”Rebecca Burgess

“The lion’s share of my handiwork is cheerfully ugly, the natural conclusion of higher gauges, a bird-like level of concentration and all that aforementioned use of color. If a project goes as planned, it’s so delightfully unattractive that I’m pleased and repulsed in equal measure!” – Jenny C. of Knitpicks

“I have friends with varying attitudes about skill levels. The one thing they all agree on is that if a project is appealing enough, they’ll learn the skills needed to make it. That attitude propels them forward, opening up new vistas in crochet, allowing them to attempt and master most crochet stitches and techniques without much fear. En, angst, after all is what prevents most of us from moving forward with our skills.” – JD from CraftGossip

“My fear is that there are new baby crocheters who will gravitate toward free patterns while they learn their skill, and then give up because things don’t work out. Maybe they crochet tightly and the fingerless gloves that should fit everyone end up fitting baby dolls only. Maybe they’re still pretty loose and that hat will fit two heads. And maybe they give up and walk away. That makes me sad. So please, take a few minutes if you’re writing a pattern and mark what your gauge is.”Tracie Barrett

“Improve the appearance of your finished crochet by blocking or pressing, to even out uneven stitches and “set” the shape. Use blocking for: yarns labeled “do not press” (such as synthetic and textured yarns), boldly textured stitches, and projects including several different yarns. Use pressing for: yarns labeled with a recommended ironing temperature (usually natural fibers, such as wool or cotton).” – Betty Barnden

Haak op Etsy

I was liking a crochet statement necklace uit Etsy FizzCrochet. I continue to like what this store has to offer in crochet, including the ribbon necklace shown here.

I put together an Etsy treasury highlighting Thanksgiving crochet items. This year I’m loving the fall crochet wreath from AliceRemembers.


I did a roundup of photos of how people organize their garen stash. I love seeing other people’s creative spaces. My most recent example of this was my post about 5 Crafters’ Homes I’d love to have a retreat at.

Wat ik van plan Was

I crocheted my Mac a laptop cozy using two strands of blue yarn held together for most of the design. That made it thick which created great cushioning for a laptop.

I was working on Swaddle, the crochet art project that I abandoned and then started on a smaller scale again recently.

I created a slideshow video of my crochet capelets. Sadly I didn’t really continue with video work. It’s something I really want to improve in but can’t seem to focus on. Perhaps I need to take a class to channel my energy more specifically as I learn.

Ik was het verkennen van de blogroll links in verschillende blogs voor mijn Verslaafd samen Project. I looked at the blogs linked by Bridge and Beyond, a site for charity crochet donations. I gave a donatie of a few crocheted items to this group earlier this year and continue to follow along with the blog to see what other people are donating.

I shared my list of 625 things to inspire your crochet.

Deze dag In de geschiedenis van de haak

Ik keek op deze datum in de geschiedenis van de haak en vond dat in 1941 the hottest fashion stores were selling Haak hoeden. The pillbox shaped hat with a long tassel was the most popular high-fashion hat of the day.

Je heb een van deze berichten gemist vorig jaar? U kunt een bezoek brengen de originelen via de links in deze post.

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San Francisco gebaseerd en haak-geobsedeerde schrijver, dromer en creatieve geest!

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  1. I really enjoyed this post! I loved the quotes and the pictures and stories! I really like looking at people’s creative spaces to see how they organized their yarn…Wow! Bedankt!

  2. Thank you so much for including my Autumn Crochet Wreath!! Lately I got a couple viewers from your site and I had to find out how.. I think it’s because of this post. Heel hartelijk bedankt!!!! It’s not easy to sell on Etsy, so I really appreciate it!!
    I’ve got a few new wreaths coming this autumn and other new items are coming as well, who doesn’t love Fall time??? :)
    Naomi :)

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