5 Unieke voordelen van Yarn Crafts

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I believe strongly in the health benefits of crochet. And I’m always looking for different ways that people describe those benefits. I was especially intrigued a little while back when I saw an article by Stephanie Kuehnert of the Forest Park Review that touches on this topic. Kuehnert was writing about a yarn store that celebrates the contemplative benefits of the craft and she herself identified five unique reasons that yarncrafting (in her case knitting) has proven to be beneficial for her.

Kuehnert’s Benefits of Yarn Crafting

Five of the benefits that Kuehnert mentions in her article are:

  1. Yarn crafts help you pace your drinking. This is great if you get together for crafts and cocktails with your friends. With busy hands you imbibe less, taking in fewer calories and reducing the likelihood of drunkenness while still enjoying your girlsnight.
  2. Crafting gives you something to do while watching TV. Deze is niet een nieuw idee voor mij. In werkelijkheid, when I was dealing with my own depression I used to just sit there and watch hours upon hours of crime drama TV shows. This increased my anxiety and made me feel like the laziest, least productive person in the world. At least if I was crocheting while I watched TV then I felt productive despite the long hours in front of the TV.
  3. The ability torelax while feeling creative and productive at the same time. Relaxation is a really important part of our every day lives. It is healthy to take time to be still and quite, om zowel lichaam als geest wat tijd om te rusten in onze wakkere liefdes geven. Zo vaak willen we blijven bezig en creatief en productief; haak laat ons dat te bereiken en tegelijkertijd rust, die is geweldig.
  4. Biedt een pauze van werkverslaving. Kuehnert vermeldt dat ze gevoelig zijn voor te veel werkt en dat crafting is iets wat ze kan doen om actief te krijgen weg van voortdurende werkzaamheden. Ik begrijp dit omdat als een zelfstandige Ik ben gevoelig voor overbelasting zo goed en vaak kom ik op haak als iets dat niet werken, maar brandstoffen mijn werk op een manier.
  5. Het is een zen oplossing voor bijna alle problemen van het leven. Er zijn veel dingen in dit leven dat je geen controle over. Je hebt controle over je haak en garen. Sometimes immersing yourself into creating with yarn is all that you can doand surprisingly, it is often enough!

The Knit Nirvana Store

Kuehnert was inspired to write about her experience with yarn crafting in an article about a specific LYS called Knit Nirvana. This Illinois based yarn store is co-operated by two women who bring decades of knitting and crochet experience to the table. The store sounds lovely with it’s promise of, “We strive to inspire and teach you to enjoy both your finished handmade object and the entire crafting experience. We hope to impart the bliss of knitting and crocheting within a relaxed, friendly and fun environment; to enable you to create artistic, singular garments and objects.I love the idea of crafting being a path to bliss!

What is the most unique benefit you’ve derived from crochet?

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