Dan en nu in haak (10/14 – 10/20)

Lion brand crochet cardi, Rocket Dog crochet shoes

Neem een blik bij wat er hier op de blog gebeurde, en in de wereld van de haak, tijdens deze tijd terzelfder vorig jaar.

Haak boeken

I explored a 2006 boek genaamd Lion merk garen Vintage stijlen voor vandaag: Meer dan 50 Brei-en haak patronen. My conclusion: Dit is een goede combo gehaakte en gebreide boek voor mensen die geïnteresseerd zijn in vintage patronen, vooral als je wilt om te werken aan een verscheidenheid van verschillende soorten producten.

Haak nieuws

Eco-vriendelijke haak met fiets Tire buizen. Awesome. Earlier this year Kim Blakesley published a tutorial for a repurposed bicycle inner tube welcome mat.

105-year-old Ivy Hardy was still crocheting

College student Querisha Felix needed a heart transplant. She kept herself busy crocheting blankets while she waited, one of many people I’ve heard of who cope with the anxiety of a hospitalization through crafting. I’m happy to report that in November of last year she received her new heart. I do not know how she’s doing but at the time of the transplant her doctors said it was going well.

Haak mode

Ik keek naar Rocket Dog crochet shoes and noted their similarity to Haak TOMS. Rocket Dog now has some new styles of crochet shoes that I’m really loving including the Francesca Cotton Crochet shoe shown above. Keep your eye out for a new post soon featuring all of the current styles.

Ik schreef over Legin Knits, the crochet company of Nigel John. Ik onlangs benoemde hem als één van de Boven 20 male crochet artists and designers. Keep your eye on the blog for a new full feature about his updated work soon!

Haak Quotes

Here were some of the smart things people said:

“There are bunches of crochet designers out there pushing the limits of 3 dimensional needlework & creating amazing works of art. … I think the “amigurumi renaissance” really puts on a show in the crochet world. Crochet’s “one stitch at a time” approach seems to be really conducive to soft sculpture.”Cheezombie via vers steken

“Shrugs, Natuurlijk, were invented as eveningwear, often worn to chase away the chill when wearing a bare-shouldered cocktail dress. And while a shrug remains a stylish choice for dinner and dancing, these modern interpretations are equally fashionable for the daylight hours.” Bron

“Crochet back and forth or around in a spiral? Decisions, decisions! The outcome of the finished piece depends on so many choices.”Carol Ventura

En een long crochet quote was shared about the motivation behind why some people choose to create their own crochet designs.

Haak op Etsy

I was adoring this crochet unicorn door Etsy smithee01. This store has lots of cute crochet creatures that I’m also liking right now including a whale, a mouse and some creative Day of the Dead skulls.

I put together a treasury of apples vs Apple in Etsy crochet


I shared Vickie Howell’s video of a yarn factory tour

I was coveting Yarns of Italy’s cashmere blend yarn; Yarns of Italy was one of 10 yarn sellers I’d reviewed and liked.

Wat ik van plan Was

I made my first video for my Haak kunstproject. The project didn’t take off but I’ve been working on individual crochet art pieces ever since.

Ik was het verkennen van de blogroll links in verschillende blogs voor mijn Verslaafd samen Project and checked out what Art, Like Bread reads. One thing that was fun to see was that she was one of two bloggers who had introduced me to CraftyPod and now I’m a huge CraftyPod follower and was even interviewed for the podcast there recently. Kunst, Like Bread continues to blog about art, craft and inspiration.

I was still crocheting bags for Jaar van projecten

I compiled a list of 25 sources for getting crochet patterns.

Deze dag In de geschiedenis van de haak

Ik keek op deze datum in de geschiedenis van de haak en vond een cute article from 1989 about a crochet afghan that celebrates the cluster stitch.

Je heb een van deze berichten gemist vorig jaar? U kunt een bezoek brengen de originelen via de links in deze post.

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