Etsy draad haak kunstenaar Yoola

I’ve featured a few items recently from Yoola op Etsy. She does beautiful crochet wire work and I wanted to take the time to do a full post sharing her work with you today.

About Yoola

Yoola (Yael Falk) is an Israel-based jewelry artist who uses crochet and knitting techniques worked with wire to make delicate, in het oog springende, elegant designs. She derives inspiration from great color combinations in nature and from the experience of taking a raw material and turning it into something fabulous. In the vieo above, she talks a little bit about her craft process. You can see more of Yoola’s videos on her YouTube channel.

Wire Crochet Home Decor

crochet wire lampshade 400x411 Etsys Wire Crochet Artist Yoola

I especially love the home decor items that Yoola makes out of delicate wire crochet. I mentioned one of her items in my roundup of beautiful crochet lamps because lamps are something she does really well. Ze ook haakpennen sculpturale decor, like these pears:

crochet pear sculpture 400x400 Etsys Wire Crochet Artist Yoola

Yoola’s Crochet Bridal Jewelry

Although what I really love from Yoola is her home decor work, her specialty is really in making wire crochet jewelry. I enjoy her bridal jewelry:

wire crochet bridesmaid bracelets 400x400 Etsys Wire Crochet Artist Yoola

Gold wire crochet cuff bracelets for the bridesmaids

crochet wire bride necklace 400x400 Etsys Wire Crochet Artist Yoola

Crochet bridal necklace

crochet pearl earrings 400x400 Etsys Wire Crochet Artist Yoola

Pearl earrings for the bride, knit and crochet combo in wire

Other Yoola Crochet Jewelry

Natuurlijk, bridal jewelry isn’t all that Yoola does. Here are some of her other great wire crochet accessories:

crochet hoop earrings 400x400 Etsys Wire Crochet Artist Yoola

Unique crochet hoop earringsI love the creative style she gives to the shape of her pieces, which are simple and yet really unique

crochet bangle bracelets 400x400 Etsys Wire Crochet Artist Yoola

Crochet bangle bracelets, this set is made of oxidized sterling silver

crochet turquoise ring 400x400 Etsys Wire Crochet Artist Yoola

Crochet and turquoise ring

Do It Yourself Crochet Options

crochet jewelry kit 400x400 Etsys Wire Crochet Artist Yoola

Yoola sells beautiful finished pieces of work through her Etsy shop. Echter, as crafters, many of us would rather make our own stuff, recht? Yoola offers options for us, ook. Allereerst, she sells patterns and video tutorials for recreating the work that she makes and sells in her own store. And secondly, she sells jewelry making kits that provide all of the materials for making items in one organized set. You can find all of that in her Etsy shop, ook! You can also visit Yoola on her blog.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Etsys Wire Crochet Artist Yoola

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