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door Kathryn op Augustus 24, 2012 · 8 reacties

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Ik dacht dat ik een kijkje bij de open haard in mijn woonkamer delen, omdat het is omgeven door haak. Here are some of the details:

crochet art on canvas My Crochet Home: Around the Fireplace

Boven de open haard: gehaakte kunst op canvas

solomons knot crochet My Crochet Home: Around the Fireplace

On the mantle: Solomon’s Knot crochet decoration (originally a shawl)

yarn on fireplace mantle My Crochet Home: Around the Fireplace

Also on the mantle: garen! It’s in glass and metal containers, loosely sorted by color. The one bucket also has some hyperbolic crochet hanging out of it.

crochet art and books My Crochet Home: Around the Fireplace

On the floor: framed crochet art and vintage haak boeken

What would you change about my crochet-adorned fireplace if it were in your home?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 My Crochet Home: Around the Fireplace
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Yoor fireplace looks "easily grabbable," as in if I were standing in front of it I'd want to reach out and grab something to enjoy its plushy softness with my hands. :) Dat gezegd, I'm more a fan of asymmetrical balance, so if this were in my living room, I'd push the taller artwork to one side, and fill the other side with the vessels of varying heights going from tallest near the outside and shorter vessels toward the center of the mantle, like they were spilling outward, and keep the yarns in those vessels. I love that you keep it out like that so it's always in line of sight. You can live with it all the time, and it's always there for inspiration. Mine's all organized away within an inch of its life, and while Martha Stewart would be proud, it isn't as fun and liveable as storing it on the mantle like you've done.

Elisabeth Andree
Elisabeth Andree

It looks so personal, so I wouldn't change anything. I agree with Debi:)


I wouldn't change anything about your fireplace - everything is so nicely displayed. Heb een goede dag. :)


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