Sharon Silverman's Haak Sjaals on Tour Now

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Ik wilde alleen maar een kort berichtje te posten om u te laten weten, als je niet al, that Sharon Silverman’s new book is currently on its blog tour. The book is called Haak Sjaals: Fabulous Fashions – Verschillende technieken Sharon Silvermans Crochet Scarves on Tour Now. It’s a book of 20+ gehaakte sjaal patronen, inbegrip 7 Tunisian Crochet patterns. A few of them are quick-and-easy scarves, the kind that you’ll bookmark and use when you want to make a quick gift. However most of the patterns are challenging and will give the average crocheter a chance to learn some new skills.

How do I know all this? Goed, I have my copy already because Crochet Concupiscence is going to be a stop on the blog tour. My date isn’t until next month, so I have lots of time to play with the patterns in the book, and I’ve got something a little bit different planned to share with you when the blog tour does roll around here.

Ondertussen, here are some of the other stops on the tour:

There will be a few more stops that aren’t on this list. Stay tuned to Sharon’s blog for the announcements about those and updates about the tour.
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Zoals dit bericht, Neem druk op de knop aandeel! Hou echt van wat ik doe met Haak Concupiscence? Overwegen om een schenking of meer een blog sponsor.


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