Sharing Some Writing About Crochet

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I write a lot of articles on random things over on HubPages. A little while back, they were having a writing contest and I did a series of articles that are kind of works of creative nonfiction about crochet. I don’t think I ever got around to sharing them here on the blog so I thought I’d offer you some links for fun reading.

The Power Of Dollar Yarn Crochet Rectangles

I went through a phase of making tons of crochet rectangles with cheap yarn, having no idea what I was going to do with those pieces. IK share that experience here and celebrate the process of crochet over the product (which I’m not always good at doing!)

Brief aan de eerste jurk die ik haakwerk

crochet dress detail Sharing Some Writing About Crochet

That is the top of the first dress that I ever crocheted. And here’s the link to a letter I wrote to that dress about how it’s perfect even though it’s not. I also think that this piece really celebrates the imperfection in handmade items in general.

Lieve deken die Frogged moet

Sometimes projects just don’t work out. It’s sad, but it happens. IK wrote out my feelings about it in a breaking-up letter to a blanket.

Mooie brief aan een Vintage Frans garen

Ja, this one is another letterto a yarn instead of a project this time. Follow this link and you’ll also find out from this one what I considered using as my yarnbombing name if I ever got into yarnbombing. icon smile Sharing Some Writing About Crochet

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Sharing Some Writing About Crochet

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Killer! I so absolutely adore the letter to your first crocheted dress. How bittersweet and truthful!


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