Amazing: Gestolen haak Returns Home na 25 Jaar

I’m going to share a story with you today. As you read it, try to imagine what it would feel like if you were the protagonist of the story

So pause for a moment and imagine that you have crocheted tablecloths for every girl in your family except for your youngest daughter. You are working on that final crochet tablecloth now, putting all of your love into that item so that her table exudes that love once the finished item is placed there.

Now imagine that you take the WIP with you in the car so that you can work on it in your free time. You stop at a park but of course you don’t want to get the tablecloth dirty so you don’t take it out to work on it there. While you’re enjoying your time at the park, your car gets broken in to. Of all things, the crochet tablecloth is taken.

Pause and imagine how that would feel. You were putting your heart and soul (en garen!) into that piece for your youngest daughter and now it’s just been ripped away. What would you do? Would you start over with a new WIP? Would you try desperately to find the thief? Or would you just give up altogether, defeated by how discouraging it would be to have this happen?

Natuurlijk, you’d eventually have to let it go. So let’s say now that you’ve done that. Eigenlijk, let’s say that twenty five years have passed. You’re going about your business, having probably crocheted many other items in that time span. The tablecloth is a long ago memory that maybe stings a little bit but you rarely think of it. Until one day when you walk into your sister in law’s house and see her working on that very same tablecloth that was stolen from your car!

What would you think? Would you think she was the one who had stolen it? Would you think that time had stopped? Or would you not even recognize your own work?

Goed, let me tell you, this is a true story. I saw it in the Peninsula News Review. The sister-in-law is part of a church group that makes crochet items for seniors, the homeless and others in need. Another member of the group is June Temple who works part-time at a second hand store where all of her co-workers know to set aside any crochet items or yarn donations for her crochet group. One of the items that came into the second hand store was that stolen half-finished tablecloth. The sister-in-law felt drawn to the piece and decided to take it home and work on finishing it. She was doing just that when the maker of the piece walked into the home and saw the tablecloth there!

Can you imagine?!

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5 Opmerkingen:

  1. AmbassdrCrochet

    Awesome story! My mother crocheted me a blanket and I took it everywhere. Her car was stolen, and when they found the car my afghan was gone :( They never did recover it. Dat was over 36 jaar geleden.

    • @AmbassdrCrochet Aw that’s so sad. It’s always strange to me when things are taken that have no monetary value, just sentimental value. Maybe your blanket’s still out there being appreciated by someone somewhere thought!

  2. Wow, I so love this story!

  3. This is an amazing story. Wonder where it’s been all these years. :)

  4. Hallo Kathryn, This is truly an amazing story, life goes on ‘zigzaggingroads. Thanks for sharing and for your comment and link on my blog.

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