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A few weeks ago I shared my eight favorite Spanish language crochet blogs. And then I shared eight more Spanish crochet blogs I’d recently discovered. You guessed it; I’m back to share another eight crochet blogs written in the Spanish language but accessible to anyone who enjoys crochet!

spanish crochet1 400x52 8 More Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

Bigunki is a fun Spanish amigurumi blog out of Bilbao, Spain. Posts here are short and sweet, usually showing off a handmade item but occasionally also giving us insight into the blogger’s life.

spanish crocheting blog1 8 More Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

La Cajita de Vanina describes her blog asUn lugarcito para compartir, disfrutar lo que nos gusta, y los hermosos momentos de Clarita”, which translates loosely as a place to share the little, beautiful things in life. The posts her are images of yarn-y creations with short descriptions. I’ve really enjoyed the little rugs that have been shown on this blog recently.

spanish crochet blogs3 8 More Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

La Crochetnauta is a blog out of Buenos Aires with some beautiful crochet shares including some patterns/ tutorials, crochet seen on the street, and really pretty items made by the blogger.

crochet blog spanish 8 More Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

El Rincon de Chelo is a multi-craftual blog from a blogger who crochets but also does cross-stitch, decoupage, doll making and more. I love seeing the variety of creations here. This blog has more text than a lot of the other Spanish langauge blogs, which I like because it allows me to practice my Spanish skills, but it’s also got plenty of photos.

labor de ganchillo 8 More Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

Creaciones Marcela is a colorful blog from an Argentinian blogger. She shares photos of what she makes and offers a short bit of text here and there. I like her use of color which is sometimes muted and sometimes bold but always eye-catching.

el blog de labor de ganchillo 8 More Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

Las Teje y Maneje is a combination knitting and crochet blog. It has nice bold photos, a built-in language translator and some really great ideas to share! This one’s on Twitter, ook, @LasTejeyManeje.

spanish crochet blog4 8 More Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

Arriba, en el Desvan is a Spanish language crochet blog I like for a few reasons. Allereerst, it has a creativity linky on Tuesdays which is a great way to find lots of cool things that other people are sharing and to share your own work. Tweede, there are some really great crochet items shared here. And finally it’s got good crochet book recommendations.

blog de tejer 8 More Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

El Blog de Lauri is a blog from Buenos Aires that has Spanish language crochet tutorials (but there’s a built-in translator on the site), lots of clear photos and the occasional tidbit on other crafts like macrame.

Also, I have to give another shoutout to El Blog de Che! Haak because I discovered a number of these blogs thanks to the blogroll on her site.

Do you have a favorite Spanish crochet blog? Let me know about it in the comments below! And support foreign language blogs by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon or G+!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 8 More Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

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