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Happy Easter weekend! Hier is deze week gratis haak roundup van al mijn favoriete koppelingen van de blogosfeer.

Iets speciaals

Adore this crochet eye chart! Found it through @donnasdecembers but it’s from Etsy’s ILiveonaFarm.

Hot Words About Cool Crochet

  • What is indie and what is corporate? A Craftypod podcast with Lorna’s Laces on a smart topic. Somewhat related to this is a post by @crochetlibfront oncrochet is a business“.
  • The Urban Edge Blog Tour. It is about a week long and started at Shibaguyz.@Crochetlibfront lets us know thatThis is by far the best written, laid out, photographed crochet book I have seen to date and yes, it has class.
  • Mend it Better. A book review by @craftgossip that highlights the crochet mending options in this book.

Prachtige dingen die mensen zijn Haakvideo

Amazing crochet pendant lamps from designer Naomi Paul via Dezeen

Mijn gerecyclede tassen, the best source on the web for how-to info on crocheting with plarn and other recycled materials, shared this WIP plarn laundry bag

I’m loving this girly Haak kussen made by Scotty’s Place

Nuttig haak Tips

Grote haak patronen en Tutorials

  • Crochet or Knit Manga Spirits. I love that By Hook, By Hand did both a crochet and knit pattern for the same style of doll.
  • Crochet Koala Pattern. @planetjune has created her first crowdsourced crochet patternof a super cute koalaand it’s now available for sale. I am happy to say I was one of the funders that made this happen. :)
  • Hearts Cardigan. This adorable kidscardigan with built-in hearts is now for sale by @lindamade.
  • Stashbuster Whirl Cowl. Cute new crochet pattern for sale from @ElevenHandmade

Crochet Yarn Stuff

Other Cool Crochet Blog Posts

En sommige speciale dankzij deze Week

  • Thanks to SusanD1408 Crochet AddictI won a crochet giveaway over at her blog recently and received a beautiful package that I’ll show off in my crochet corner on Monday.

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