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Zoals velen van jullie weten, Ik besluit om mee te doen met Overwin de Stash 2012, gelanceerd door Openbaringen van een waanstoornis Knitter en gehost via Ravelry. Mijn doel was om het garen heb ik gebruik, zijn selectiever in het toevoegen van nieuwe garen aan mijn stash en vermindering van het aantal AVI's en overbodige FOS rond het huis. I set forth a month by month plan and I checked in for January but haven’t updated you about February yet. So here’s that update.

February’s Stash Busting Goal

My original goal for February was:

Get all existing finished items listed on Etsy. I don’t use my Etsy store much but I want to start doing quarterly updates to the store with big sales to destash the ridiculous amount of finished objects I have here.

February Report

Goed, that didn’t happen. Maar dat is oke. I ended up adapting my Etsy plan and figuring out exactly what I want to do with it, which is going to make it easier to utilize it in the future to de-stash both my surplus yarn and my FOs so that was a good use of the month.

What I’ve decided is that I’m going to have what I’m calling an Etsy pop-up store. What that means is that once every few months the store willpop up” (hier). It will be active for two weeks at a time. What I’ll do each time is to carefully curate a collection of secondhand and vintage crochet items for this shop, discounting them towards the end of the two-week period of activity. I’ll use these collections to de-stash my thrift store finds as well as my own gently used secondhand crochet items.

So I didn’t list anything yet but I’ve got a plan an idea and I think it’ll help me stay organized with my stash in the future. Which is the point.

Staying on Track

My goal for January was to inventory my yarn. I’ve successfully stuck to that. I didn’t buy any new yarn but I got a little bit to review and I added that to my inventory. I also subtracted the yarn I did use. So that’s on track.

To stay on track with February’s goalI’m going to photograph all FOs and purchased secondhand items and keep them in a specific folder on my computer to help me more easily curate those photos into a pop-up Etsy store each quarter. I may also use Pinterest to organize those photos but I’m undecided on that.

March Stash Busting Goals

My goal for March is:

Set up a print and/or digital scrapbook for all crochet projects. I used to do this and it’s the best way I’ve found to stay organized with everything from yarn I’ve used to patterns to a recollection of what I’ve made. I want to get back into it.

I haven’t quite figured out the plan for this. Echter, I’ve printed out photos of all recent crochet projects so I’ve at least gotten started on it.

Have you added or reduced the amount of your yarn stash so far in 2012?

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