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I’ve been playing around a bit with two different colors of crochet thread from Bre-Aly Threads op Etsy. Bre-Aly Threads is my newsletter sponsor this month which means that there’s a 20% discount code for the store in my March newsletter.

The Yarn

Bre-Aly Threads 100% Mercerized Cotton Size #10 Crochet Thread. I used one color (Fern) that was dyed on Aunt Lydia’s thread as the base and another (Kyran) that was dyed on America’s Best. I couldn’t tell a difference.

The Color I Used

crochet thread 10 Word Yarn Review: Bre Aly Threads

This shop dyes thread with bold, terrific colors. That’s what got my attention and it’s what I love about the thread. The unique color combinations are eye-catching. On the left is Fern, which is yellows and greens and blues and on the right is Kyran which is blues and purples and reds.

Used to Crochet

crochet necklace3 10 Word Yarn Review: Bre Aly Threads

I made two things with my crochet thread: a necklace and a wine bag. For the necklace, I held one strand of each colorway together and worked them that way. For the wine bag, I alternated one color with the other round for round. Combining the two different colorways was so fun!

crochet wine bag 10 Word Yarn Review: Bre Aly Threads

10 Word garen Review

  1. Kleurrijke
  2. Cotton
  3. Gemakkelijk
  4. Vivid
  5. Versatile
  6. Short (space between color changes)
  7. Washable
  8. Plezier
  9. Experimental
  10. Ja (I’d order more!)

What is your favorite brand of crochet thread?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 10 Word Yarn Review: Bre Aly Threads

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