Heetste haak berichten van deze Week (Link liefde)

We’re in a new month and crochet blog posts continue to surprise and amaze me. Here were my favorites from around the hooky web this week.

Slimme woorden over haak

Terrific Crochet Interviews

  • Interview with @Vashtirama. Marie from Underground Crafter manages to offer another great insightful interview with a terrific crochet designer.
  • Interview with @KristinOmdahl. Kristin’s new seamless crochet book is out and this is a nice review of it by @crochetbyfaye along with an interview of Kristin. Eigenlijk @jimmybeanswool also did a nice interview with Kristin about the book and reading both of them together will give you lots of good info!
  • Freeform Crochet Interview with Renate Kirkpatrick. I love learning more about freeform crochet and this @crochetspot interview hits the spot. It also includes some great basic crochet tips.

Grote haak mensen maken

Check out this adorable crochet dinosaur pillow from In de lus

Adoring this openwork scarf that’s a free crochet patternthis one is made by Room on the Left

I couldn’t stop looking at all of the terrific photos of Bunny Mummy’s Kaleidoscope blanket in haar post. Do check them all out in that original post!

Nuttige Tips en Tutorials en schattig patronen

Garens en berichten voor Yarnbombing

Andere grote posten

  • Yvonne Beale Crochet Interview. @fashion_ie interviewed this woman who has designed crochet jewelry for Michelle Obama.
  • Kove Interview. @scoutmagazine interviewed Kyla Leslie of Cove, a successful Etsy crochet store.
  • Spotted Crochet Blogs. @momwithahook has a fairly new regular feature sharing some of her newly discovered favorite blogs. Always good links here.

En sommige speciale dankzij deze week:

  • Brug en daarbuiten for sharing the award I sent over for best charity crochet blog
  • De vaste Hand for mentioning my health benefits of crochet book. Also I wanted to mention that @armazey and I did a cross-blog conversation over on my other blog this week. It’s not all crochet but some of it is. If you’re interested it’s at http://www.diaryofasmartchick.com.
  • Yarn Obsession voor de toekenning van me de veelzijdige Blogger Award. I 'm going to cheat omdat ik ontving deze onderscheiding in augustus zodat zal ik link naar deze post in plaats van het doen van een nieuwe. :)
  • @Handmadeology for sharing my post on Why Handmade Businesses Should Support a Charity.


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  1. oh my and it is still earlyHelpI want to join crochet liberations site but there is one of those page error thingys. where are they? Love pintrest site thanxs Little orphan skein is a link i joined off of someone you linked me withnow I can’t remember who… mijn “Chain” of sites and bookmarks is a Library unto itself….. I deleted her note by accident last nite darn it

    • @65mary65 The website for CLF is http://www.crochetliberationfront.com. It’s a terrific site and Laurie, who runs it, is a real leader in crochet. I’m not sure why you had an error but it’s possible that it’s related to the fact that she’s been in the process of switching web hosts. I don’t know anything about her process for that but I know that sometimes when I do behind the scenes stuff for this blog the site goes down for a little while.

  2. great link to freeform…..It is my goal as we talked about to let my brainPlay-outside the box” (of my pattern stash) Perhaps just make a little pile of my just for me Lovlies, close eyes grab fiber.grab hook and go??????LOLmmmmmmmm

  3. thank you will dig into it 2morrow.. long day here in T. alabama.. all good thoughloving this new way of communicatingmakes me feel connected even with Time differenceslike speaking withhookyfriends for free YAYY for the ‘net….

  4. eyes wide open “k” you know my day starts with you and my coffee… (oops and a couple of other chainy early morning folks) LOL Alabama is looking forward to freeformGoodnight San Fran……smiles and happiness in your morning…..

  5. Thanks for sharing the link to my interview with Vashti! I have never received so much excellent advice for free :).

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