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Links to all of my favorite crochet blog posts from around the web this week. Which are your favorites?

Iets speciaals

It’s official

Here’s the link to the info if you want to join this year. I’ll be taking part. I first saw the @eskimimi announcement via @Sarah_Knight

Slimme woorden over haak

Terrific Crochet Interviews

Prachtige dingen die mensen zijn Haakvideo

ADHD Crochet made a crochet larynx for class. Go to the original post to see the whole process. This reminds me of some of the other anatomy crochet I saw when doing research for my post on organ donation crochet.

Crochet Blanket in Shoebox Doll House Project. Zeker, the crochet is just a small part of this but I love the project and think you should check out the full post from @creativejmom!

Learn more about this crochet flower bike basket from Stitch of Love.

Nuttige Tips en Tutorials

  • How to Get an Even Stitch and Gauge in Crochet. @freshstitches had another great Tuesday Tip! I actually don’t have an even stitch at all. I always crochet looser towards the end of a project than the beginning. I’ve actually learned to adapt to this, Hoewel, not just by paying attention to fix it (which I do for some projects) but also by using it to my advantage to create increase-size project without having to actually add increases (a technique I often use when making my own Haak jurken).
  • Initial Double Crochet without Starting Chain. A photo rich tutorial from @crochetspot

Grote haak patronen

Amazing Crochet Giveaways

  • Win an eco-friendly plarn tote bag. @tinadeandesigns has already been at the Emmy’s and now her plarn creations are going to the Oscars! In celebration, she’s teamed up with GoGreenAmerica for a giveaway of a stunning denim and plarn tote bag valued at $120.
  • Win a flock of sheep. Ja, you read that correctly. You obviously need to have the space and ability to care for them. And you have to complete a video entry explaining why you want them. But wow, what an amazing offer from @ShepherdSusie.
  • Win @twinkiechan Goodies. Including perhaps a pizza scarf worth $140.

Garen Stuff

Andere leuke haak Blog Posts

Veel leesplezier!

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  1. WOW, that’s an impressive list. Hoping to pop back in later and visit some of them. Maybe I’ll do a few household things, and sneak backshhhhhhh don’t tell I’m not done with my chores.

  2. Bedankt voor de link liefde Kathryn!

  3. @CrochetBlogger @eskimimi @crochetlibfront @aberrantcrochet @creationsbycris @crochetgeek – Bedankt voor de vermelding :)

  4. @CrochetBlogger Thank you for the crochet link love! Have a great weekend:-)

  5. Thanks for the double link love, Kathryn, and for pointing me towards some great weekend reading!

  6. Thank you for the RT! @LindaMemmel

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