Een jaar geleden in haak (En een rustige Blog verjaardag)

Olek, Vickie Howell, Coral Reef and Dolce and Gabbana all in crochet

I just realized that I have been blogging here at Crochet Concupiscence for a year now. I knew that the one year birthday of the blog was coming up and had planned to do something special but then it kind of slipped by quietly (on January 15th). Dat is oke … in quiet honor of the blog’s special day I’m launching a new weekend featured showing what was happening on the blog this week one year ago.

Haak kunst

The very first crochet artist that I profiled on this blog was Olek. Ik heb sindsdien geschreven over haar geweldige werk talrijke tijden. Ze nog steeds sterk, having just opened a brand new exhibit in London.

Haak boeken

The very first crochet book that I reviewed here on this blog was Vickie Howell’s terrific Pop! Gaat haak. This book shows crochet inspired by pop culture. I’ve since seen lots of great crochet in this area including ontwerper haak en crochet on celebrities. Ik heb ook verder na Vickie Howell als ze geblogd heeft, shared crochet and knit patterns and launched her new yarn line Sheep(ish).

Haak nieuws

A hyperbolische haak rif was on display at this time last year in Salisbury, VERENIGD KONINKRIJK. This was when I started learning about the cool coral reef crochet project that has spread all the way around the world thanks to the hard work of De zusters Wertheim. During this same week last year I also wrote about a cool hyperbolic crochet cactus garden.

Another news bit that happened at this time last year was that there was some concern that crocheters may be affected by the rising cost of yarn. This is still an issue of concern today; just last month KnitPicks explained why some of their yarn prices are going up.

Finally I wrote my first post about women crocheting for a cause. It was about a group of five elderly women who crochet together to donate to a variety of different causes.

Haak mode

I did my first designer crochet feature on this site during that first week of the blog’s launch. Het was mensen te laten weten over de Dolce en Gabbana Gehaakte tas die verkoopt voor meer dan $1300.

Haak op Etsy

De Etsy haak functies die ik koos voor deze site tijdens deze week van vorig jaar werden:

  1. Gehaakte hoed by DaisyEzyCraft
  2. Patchwork River Rock by StitchHappens7
  3. De Alaskan Warmer by Ozetta
  4. Skullcap with Button by CrochetDiva66
Hier is iets nieuws uit die winkels nu:
  1. Cloche Hat Crochet Pattern by DaisyEzyCraft
  2. StitchHappens7 is now closed
  3. Selawik Cowl Button Wrap in Pumpkin by Ozetta
  4. Purple Skullcap with Flower by CrochetDiva66

Haak Quotes:

De haak citaten die werden featured op deze site tijdens deze dezelfde week vorig jaar werden:

"Een lus na een lus. Uur na uur wordt mijn waanzin haak. Leven en kunst zijn onlosmakelijk met elkaar verbonden." –Olek

Knitting and crocheting is like therapy for a lot of people.” – Janna Milbradt

The best part about it is it’s me actually believing in myself and seeing my talent as something useful that makes people happy. It’s not just making money, Weet je?” –M.L. Kinnel

“Tea-stained laces, Victorian accents, ruffles and textured fabrics like Swiss dot and Haak reinforce this sense of vintage femininity.”Marla Shavin

“I felt overwhelmed by the masses of circular creations that seemed to represent womankind’s challenge to answer the riddle of pi in neverending cotton lace.”Sigrid Arnott

Here’s What I was Crocheting:

Red Crochet Blanket with Grey Flowers

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Abonneer je op mijn nieuwsbrief waar ik haak nieuws en updates delen elke 1-2 maanden.


San Francisco gebaseerd en haak-geobsedeerde schrijver, dromer en creatieve geest!

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  1. Valeria /Ché! Haak

    Congrats on your first Blogiversary! Your blog is awesome!

  2. Disqus is having some issues that we’re still trying to work out. In the meantime people are free to contact me with their comments and I’ll get them posted. That’s what Aprile Mazey from The Steady Hand did here. She posted:

    “Gelukkig 1 Year Blogging Birthday!!! I am so happy that I came across your blog. I love your content and I wish you the best for all the years to come!”

    Thanks so much Aprile! I am thrilled to have gotten to know you and your blog this past year as well and I look forward to continuing our connection.

  3. Wow fantastic anniversary

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