Haak offerte: Softening hard outlines

door Kathryn op Januari 2, 2012 · 2 opmerkingen

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Last week when I was on vacation I spent a day at the Santa Monica library. They had a variety of crochet books that my own library does not have. Hedendaagse Haak citaat comes from one of those books: Crochet Designs from Hungary Crochet Quote: Softening hard outlines by Juliana Ray and Madeleine Bokoli. De offerte, echter, is by Jean Kimond who wrote the book’s lovely introduction.

Through the ages, woman has beautified her home with the skill of her fingers. … Crochet has a place in every home, softening hard outlines and transforming austerity with charm and beauty.

Would you say that crochet ischarming?”?



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