Haak is Healing ... Zelfs voor mensen met PTSS

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crochet heart bag Crochet Is Healing … Even for People With PTSD

This is an article that previews what is to come in the book that I’m writing about the mental and physical health benefits of crochet. If you feel that crochet has helped your health in any way and are interested in completing an email interview about this, please contact met mij op.

Haak is een prachtig ambacht dat niet alleen biedt de Crafter de kans op zelfexpressie, maar kunnen ook tal van voordelen voor de gezondheid. At a basic level, crochet provides general stress relief and a soothing feeling. But don’t think that’s all that crochet can offer. People have used crochet to assist them in dealing with serious mental health issues such as PTSD.

What is PTSD?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSS) refers to a combination of thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors that occur in someone who has experienced a trauma. The trauma can range from war combat to car accidents to childhood abuse but there are patterns of behavior and stages of recovery that tend to be similar for all people that are suffering from PTSD. It is believed by some that crochet has the potential to assist the person suffering from PTSD in distracting the mind to deal with the stress and even the flashbacks that can significantly hinder the life of someone who has dealt with trauma.

Crochet as a form of Self-Kindness

In haar boek Healing from Post Traumatic Stress: A Workbook for Recovery Crochet Is Healing … Even for People With PTSD, Monique Lang, LCSW emphasizes that one of the most important things that you can do for yourself if you are suffering from PTSD is to devote adequate time and attention to self-care. She explains that “trauma truncates our homeostasis, our normal way of being in the world” and that an environment of self-care is necessary for emotional repair after trauma.

Taking time to crochet is a great way to be kind to yourself. Allereerst, you are giving yourself the luxury of time to just sit and do something that is special for you. Tweede, you can make choices that enhance how special it is for you by spoiling yourself with the yarns that you love. Third you can make things for yourself that will continue to spoil you and to remind you of the value in taking care of yourself. If crochet is something you love then make time for it as a healing tool, whether you suffer from PTSD or not.

Crochet for Anxiety and Flashbacks

Vriendelijk zijn voor jezelf als je om met PTSS is belangrijk, maar het gaat niet om de symptomen van PTSS te lossen alleen. Deze symptomen omvatten niet alleen de flashbacks die we hebben allemaal gehoord over, maar ook gevoelens en zelfs fysieke symptomen geassocieerd met angst, stress en angst. PTSS kan fysiek manifesteren op vele manieren, waaronder zweten, schudden en zelfs pijn. Om al deze symptomen te verminderen is het noodzakelijk om acties die de geest en het lichaam rust te nemen. Haak, met zijn meditatieve eigenschappen en zijn langzame fysieke activiteit, kan een geweldig hulpmiddel voor het brengen van rust in je leven wanneer je voelt de effecten van PTSS.

Het meest voorkomende symptoom voor veel mensen is angst. Wanneer u een traumatische gebeurtenis ervaren, je lichaam gaat in "vecht of vlucht" modus. Adrenaline pumps, your heart races and your entire body goes into a state of hyper-arousal. What often happens for sufferers of PTSD is that the body ceases to realize that it is now safe. This can cause periodic or even persistent feelings of stress that keep the mind anxious.

Author Monique Lang offers numerous suggestions for quelling this anxiety, one of which is to “engage in an attention-demanding or engrossing project” (zoals haak!) Basically if an activity is taking up all of your focus then your mind can’t continue to focus on stress and the anxiety in the body decreases. Another valuable tip she offers is to become acutely aware of the times when you do not feel anxious so if your crochet time is one of those times then you can boost its benefit by realizing that and relishing it.

If you find that your anxiety doesn’t decrease when you crochet then you might want to ask yourself where your mind is going as you work. The meditative nature of crochet is a benefit but not if it allows rumination on things that cause anxiety. You may need to try a new technique that requires more focus if you’re going through this issue. One great tip is to bring yourself back to the present moment and ask yourself, “what danger am I in right now?"Als je kunt realiseren dat het grootste gevaar is dat uw haak project niet goed uitpakken dan kun je een beetje perspectief te krijgen en uw angst te verminderen.

Dit soort "terug naar het moment" kan ook een geweldig hulpmiddel voor het omgaan met flashbacks zijn. Flashbacks verwijzen wanneer de PTSS persoon voelt eigenlijk alsof ze terug in exact dezelfde situatie die hen trauma veroorzaakt in de eerste plaats. Ze echt het gevoel dat ze er zijn. Echter, met de praktijk, de PTSS patiënt kunnen leren om zichzelf terug naar het heden te brengen, te zeggen tegen zichzelf dat dit slechts een flashback en dat ze op een veilige plaats. It may be a benefit to have a go-to thing like crochet that you always reach for when you know you’re experience a flashback, something that can ground you as you bring yourself back to the present moment. Being able to grab a soft ball of yarn and a smooth hook as you say, “look, I am here in the moment and things are soft and smooth” can be another tool for the sufferer of PTSD.

Duidelijk mental health conditions like PTSD are serious and should be diagnosed and treated by the proper health care professionals. I am not a medical professional and this advice should not take the place of advice from a qualified professional. Dat gezegd, crochet can be one tool in your toolbox for helping yourself to heal!

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