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Ik ben klaar om te beginnen met het hervatten van mijn wekelijkse Samen Hooked berichten. The next blog up on the list is Calleigh's Clips en Crochet Creations (@ CalleighsClips). Dat is super op tijd, want deze blog is het krijgen van veel aandacht de afgelopen week of zo. Comics Alliance, Daily Mail, and quite a few blogs picked up the story about the cool Batman and Robin costumes that this blogger sells on Etsy and have been spreading the word about her great work. That’s good news for her. And maybe it’ll lead to some views of the other crochet blogs that she links to in her “blogs die ik volg” column. Let’s take a look at the blogs that she follows.

Als je niet vertrouwd bent met Hooked Samen kun je meer leren over hoe het werkt hier en zie de laatste update over de voortgang hier.

Tier One Blogs

These blogs are on the blogroll but they’re also already in the big list of blogs I already read. Ontzagwekkend.

Blogs die al samen hebben Hooked

Deze blogs zijn op de blogroll maar ze hebben al in verband gebracht, omdat ze op de blogroll in een eerder Hooked Samen bericht. Ook geweldig.

Nieuw-to-Me Haak Blogs

Multicraftual blogs met Haak berichten

  • Craftaholics Anonymous. Ernstig, how have I not seen this adorably comprehensive craft site before? It’s not crochet-heavy but it’s got lots of other great craft information with some crochet in there. @CraftaholicAnon
  • Mandipidy. Faith-based blogger @mandipidy shares lots of crafty goodness here. It looks like there was a big push in crochet in her life around March of last year and she’s got some great crochet stuff in the archives as a result.
  • Vallie’s Kids. I kept thinking this must be on my lists somewhere because I know I’ve been on the site then I finally realized it’s because I used a crochet pattern from here for one of the 25 gehaakte tassen I made for Year of Projects.

Non-Haak Blogs

  • Erin’s Elements. A young mom tries to remain fabulous while being true to her vintage style.
  • Een kom vol citroenen. A visually appealing blog for those whoclean, decorate, creëren, organiseren, blog”. @organizedclean
  • Hoot Designs. Crafty SAHM @chrissy217 shares her creativity on this cute blog.
  • Nice Girl Notes. This blog is the best girly blog I’ve come across lately in terms of personality. I’m adoring it @NiceGirlNotes!
  • Hiyaluv. Nicely done blog by @hiyaluv, a professional Etsy-loving mama.
  • Dorinda Varga Photography en RM Photography. Giving some props to the newborn props photographers that CalleighsClips works with.
  • Hello Good Gravy. Photo-focused blog of many colorful things from a stationery designer.

Out-of-Date Blogs

Voor de toepassing van Hooked Together, een blog wordt beschouwd als verouderd als het niet heeft gehad een post in de afgelopen paar maanden.

  • CreateCrochet. I hadn’t realized until now that this Etsy crochet team blog hasn’t been updated since last May. How sad.

Wat heb ik te vinden? One thing I noticed is that a lot of the sites that CalleighsClips follows have a similar visual style to them. Interessant. Guess she knows what she likes! It looks like we already follow a nice chunk of the same people. Although I didn’t find any new crochet-only blogs, I’ll add those mutlicraftual blogs to my reader and I actually may follow a couple of the non-crochet crafty blogs, ook.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Calleighs Clips and Crochet Creations Gets Hooked Together
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