10 Word garen Review: Malabrigo sok garen

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sock yarn 10 Word Yarn Review: Malabrigo Sock Yarn

I’ve been doing yarn reviews on this site for awhile but I’m gonna twist them up a little bit. I’m going to see if I can try to accurately describe the yarn to you in ten simple words. Let’s start with a yarn I’m using right now and have only good things to say about: Malabrigo Sock Yarn in a great colorway.

The Yarn:

Malabrigo sok garen. Superwash Merino Wool. 440 Yards to a Skein.

The Color I Used:

Ik gebruikte #852 Persia of this Kettle Dyed Yarn.

malabrigo yarn 10 Word Yarn Review: Malabrigo Sock Yarn

This is the color using half double crochet and triple crochet and an N hook.

malabrigo halter dress 10 Word Yarn Review: Malabrigo Sock Yarn

This is an older pictures of the same color yarn worked with shorter stitches and a smaller hook.

My 10-Word Succinct Yarn Review:

  1. Soft.
  2. Plush.
  3. Stretchy.
  4. Variegated.
  5. Alluring.
  6. Manageable. (Easy to work with.)
  7. Non-splitty.
  8. Enjoyable.
  9. Deep-ocean-inspired.
  10. JA! (As in yes, I’d use it again.)

Are you a Malabrigo fan?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 10 Word Yarn Review: Malabrigo Sock Yarn

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